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Monday, December 7, 2020

How Your Hairstyle Speaks A Thousand Words About You

 How Your Hairstyle Speaks a Thousand Words About You

Your hair tells a lot about you! Gone are the days when ancient Greece's stoics declared that the relationship between hair and personality does not exist. As a matter of fact, there are still people out there who can't grasp the idea behind the importance of well-styled hair. We are here to tell you that good hair is as important as well-taken care of the face! Read on to learn more about how hair reflects your personality and how it works as an extension of who you are.

 What does your Hairstyle say about you?

The Walker brothers were the first to carry out research that indicated the impact of hair on social relations. Hair might be parted in the middle or on either one of both sides. More noticeably, the partings can be short, long, irregular, or accurate. If you have been experimenting, you might have noticed that the way one style and parts their hair changes their facial appearance. If you want to keep changing your looks, we suggest changing your hair parting styles' positioning. This is also a trick to get a fresh and new look for different occasions.

Hair parting on the left side

If you carry the parting line on the left side of your head, this can reflect your sincere character trait. Also, it is believed that those who part their hair from the left are generally more popular in their social circle. They also have a certain charisma and try to stand out from the crowd by being the best of all. The left side of the brain gets activated for solving mathematics problems or analyzing a work. That said, it is believed that people with left hair parting are facts-oriented.

 Hair parting in the Right

You might be surprised to know that right-sided hair partings are considered a dual personality trait. Typically, such people tend to be unsocial or may keep themselves very limited. They can also be selectively social and choose their friends shrewdly. They are no social pleasers and may create uncomfortable vibes around them.

It is important to note that right-side hair parting is not very common. The personality of such people can be open and radical. Despite their anti-social characteristics, they are quite attractive and charismatic.

 No-parting Hairstyle

Suppose you see someone letting their hair follow their natural direction without bothering about parting them. In that case, you will find such people well-balanced with their life choices. Typically, these define very intelligent people and handle their life matters with minimum drama possible.

 Very short Hair/ cropped Hair

Short or cropped hair offers a sense of dominance. If women chop off their hair, it gives them a bold and unique look. Short hair also mirrors a sense of masculinity. Although one doesn't necessarily have to have short hair to prove how masculine they are. It is still considered to reflect power, influence, and authority. In some cultures, short hair is associated with richness and impact.

 The importance of a good hairstyle

It doesn't matter whether you comb your hair from the left or the right. The most important aspect is that you feel good and comfortable with it. If your current Hairstyle is not appealing to you, we recommend that you check in with the best hairstylists and let them do their magic. You might want to check in with a reputable hair salon like Tony Shamas and see how they can transform your hair for the better. That said, hair is as important as good makeup and healthy teeth and body. If you want those first impressions to last, then you will have to make an effort.

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