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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Review: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream #CharlotteTilbury #MagicCream #Moisturizer #Beauty #Skincare

 (product photo courtesy of www.charlottetilbury.com)

1.7 fl.oz./50mL $100.00
I usually don't spend a lot of money on moisturizers. But for some reason I treated myself a while ago to Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. I had heard good things about it and thought why the heck not? I am a firm believer that you do not necessarily have to spend a lot of money on a product to get good results. Ingredients are what make the product and the majority of what goes in to the price have to do with name, marketing, packaging and celebrity endorsements. But this time I made an exception. There have only been two other times I made an exception to that rule and that was to try out Cr√®me de la Mer and goop Replenishing Night Cream. And I was ecstatically happy with both. So I said, sure I will spend the money. I purchased the smaller jar, the 30mL size. Just for the record, my skin tends to be normal to dry during the spring and summer and dry in the fall and winter. 

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream was originally invented for her to use backstage during her shows on models. It was created to prep and transform the look of models' skin before fashion shows. It instantly became a hit and became so 'iconic' that she had to bottle it. This is, as she describes, science-powered skincare for clinically proven results that is innovative and award-winning, loved by celebrities and supermodels. 

The revolutionary, results-driven formula is infused with a matrix of her 'magic 8' supercharged skincare ingredients to flood the complexion with moisture and to transform the appearance of tired, dull skin into glowing, dewy, plumper-looking canvas. The website mentions that it contains a SPF15 too (read below for my comments regarding this). It contains the following ingredients for younger looking skin:
  • Bionymph peptide: for smoother, plumper looking skin
  • Hyaluronic acid: helps keep skin hydrated for up to 24 hours, attracts moisture to the skin.
  • Camellia Oil: moisturizes for a dewy looking complexion
  • Aloe vera: smoothes the appearance of skin
  • Vitamins C & E: to transform the look of dull, tired skin, also acts as antioxidants to neutralize free radicals
  • Rosehip Oil: a natural source of linoleic acid that helps revitalize the look of skin
  • Shea Butter: nourishes and softens skin
  • Frangipani Extract: a flower extract with a delicate, calming fragrance and moisturizing benefits. 
Use the Tilbury Tap to apply this moisturizer. Below is a video of how to apply it:

By applying the cream this way, you are performing a minor lymphatic drainage/effleurage on the skin. Gently applying this technique helps to remove puffiness from the skin & encourages blood flow to the skin. Step one is to start at the lower cheek and sweep cream out & up. Tap fingertips across cheeks, avoid eye contour. Step two, place fingers under cheekbones, then smooth outwards and upward along cheekbones. Step three, gently pinch chin with your fingers, moving up jawline in one sweeping motion. Step four, starting in the middle of the forehead, massage in circular motions moving outwards towards the temples. Pat in any excess with your ring finger. 

What makes this cream 'magic'? Results observed in a user trial showed that 100% of users felt their skin was instantly moisturized*. 100% agreed dull skin was instantly transformed*. 98% agreed skin looked and felt firmer*. It moisturizes for up to 24 hours. (*100 women over 4 weeks)

I definitely noticed a nice glow to my skin when using it. Skin felt intensely hydrated, moisturized and dewy. The huge caveat I see with this cream is that it says it contains a SPF15 in the ingredients but when I looked at the ingredient list I didn't see any sunscreen ingredients listed. I even had a cosmetic chemist look a the ingredients just to be safe, and she didn't see anything liste either. So, as to my knowledge there is not a sunscreen in this. If you look on the part of the website for the smaller & larger jar of Magic Cream the claim for SPF15 is excluded. So, something is a little fishy with the ingredients and claims made for this product. And frankly, that worries me when you are paying so much for a product. I would wear a SPF30 on top of this cream if I were you. And if you were to purchase this, I would only recommend it for dry skin types as it is very heavy. 

Is it worth $100.00? I don't think it is necessarily. I don't even think the smaller jar is worth even $64.00. To be honest, I have plenty of creams that are a lot less expensive that do the same thing. This did give my skin a really nice dewy glow but I could have the same thing with a hydrating primer. Yes, it also hydrates well too. But again, I could get this from a less expensive product. This product is all about luxury and it you want luxury, then it is something you will definitely like. I am concerned that it says it contains a sunscreen in it when it clearly does not. By law the ingredients have to say the active ingredients and I looked over the ingredients with a fine tooth comb, as they say and there wasn't any mention of a chemical or mineral sunscreen in it. It does come in a smaller and larger size, which would cost a little bit less/more money depending on you you look at it. The 30mL size is $64.00 and the 150mL size is $255.00. Afterpay is available for orders too.

Honestly though, I would save your money. If the website cannot be honest about the claims made for its products then I don't think the company can too. And there are many other creams with fabulous ingredients that do a better job of hydrating and giving the skin a dewy glow. This product is all about luxury and that is it. Save your money, follow the ingredients list for something less expensive. And make sure it does contain a SPF30. 

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream is available online at www.charlottetilbury.com. Like Charlotte Tilbury on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CTilburyMakeup; Follow Charlotte Tilbury on Twitter: @CTilburyMakeup; Follow Charlotte Tilbury on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ctilburymakeup/ and Subscribe to Charlotte Tilbury on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ctilburymakeup.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

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  1. Thanks for reviewing this product. I'm a fan of Charlotte Tilbury Philippines. It's always a must for me.


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