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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Review: Supergoop Defense Refresh (re)setting mist SPF40 #Supergoop #DefenseRefresh #SettingMistSPF40 #Beauty #Skincare #Sunscreen

 (product photo courtesy of www.supergoop.com)

1fl.oz./30mL $14.00

If you don't know by now, I am a HUGE fan of Supergoop products. I have had two instances of skin cancer and I am only 49 years old. Supergoop has dedicated their entire line of products to sunscreen. Every product they make has sunscreen in it. I live to put on sunscreen. Because my life literally could depend on it. 

One thing that has always bugged me about sunscreen is that once you put it on and put on your makeup, is that it is difficult to reapply sunscreen after two hours, when you are supposed to be putting it on again. And this is definitely a hard and fast rule. In fact, it is very important. Especially for someone such as myself who burns easily and is prone to skin cancer. So, I was happy to see that Supergoop has a mist that you can apply over your makeup that has sunscreen in it. It is called Defense Refresh (re)setting mist SPF40

This product is a better-than-ever makeup setting spray (with a new lighter scent and mist) that lets you easily reapply your SPF. It is a reintroduction of one of their most popular products. They took their customer-favorite sunscreen setting spray and made the texture lighter, the scent gentler and the nozzle better. Essentially is delivers a more even mist without clogging. Just make sure you shake it prior to using to activate the product. 

The active SPF40 broad spectrum ingredients are as follows: Avobenzone 2.8%, Homosalate 9.8%. Octisalate 4.9% and Octocrylene 9.5%. Yes it is a chemical sunscreen, so if you are allergic to chemical sunscreens you are out of luck on this one. To use, shake extremely well. Make sure sure you shake until you hear the shaker balls inside the container. This is a bi-phase product and the "super" shaking balls will help mix the bi-phase formula, providing even distribution of makeup setting and UV protecting ingredients. Make sure to pull hair back, close eyes, tuck in lips and spray generously & evenly in a circle from 8-10" away from face. Keep eyes closed for about 3 seconds after application. Then you are all set! Remember to refresh and reapply frequently throughout the day, at least every 2 hours.

Currently this product comes in a 1 fl.oz./30mL size and the 3.4 fl.oz./100mL size. The small 1 fl.oz./30mL size is perfect to take in your handbag and tuck away for whenever you need to refresh your sunscreen. Even better is that this bottle is refillable!!!! Yes, open is up and refill from the larger bottle when is gets low and then you don't ever have to worry about running out of your Defense Refresh (re)setting mist SPF40

I happen to think this is one of the best products needed out on the market. Since I have suffered from skin cancer I am a nut about wearing sunscreen and I am always freaking out about a way to reapply it. Which I cannot do over my makeup. Now I can!!! Supergoop comes out with the absolute best product ideas. It goes on very nicely and does a good job of covering the face. Just make sure to follow the directions. This is definitely a product where you need to follow the directions exactly as described. For myself, this is a must-have product, but then again I am a sunscreen and (especially) a Supergoop junkie. I think I own almost every product they make. Yes, sunscreen and good sunscreen is that important to me. I would recommend this for all skin types. Like all of their products, this one is Leaping Bunny Certified (it is cruelty-free) and vegan. It is also reef-safe. And like all other Supergoop products, this one is clean-chemical (meaning it doesn't contain a list of chemicals that they deem unsafe). 

Supergoop Defense Refresh (re)setting mist SPF40 retails for $14.00 for the 1 fl.oz. size. It can be purchased on www.supergoop.comLike Supergoop on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/supergoop/; Follow Supergoop on Twitter: @supergoop and Follow Supergoop on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/supergoop/.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

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