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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

How to Find Your Next Eyeshadow Inspiration

 How to Find New Makeup Inspiration

Even if playing with makeup styles and products ranks number one is your list of hobbies, losing inspiration can happen to anyone. This problem has been especially prevalent during the last year with our movement so limited. You have far fewer occasions to show off your looks and the all-around stress can make even the fun parts of your day feel draining.

With all of that in mind, this article is going to share some tips on finding your makeup inspiration again. This is less about specific places to find new looks and more about reigniting your internal spark. We’re going to try out three exercises that can get you thinking in new ways.

Match a Look to Your Jewelry

Using jewelry as inspiration is a great exercise when you’re stuck in a rut, putting on the same shade of lipstick every morning. This time, before you pick up your primer, select a piece of jewelry that’s interesting to you. It could be your favorite necklace, it could be a pair of cool earrings that never seem to match anything or a meaningful amulet that evokes your spiritual side. 

Now, put on your piece of jewelry, sit down in front of the mirror, and recreate the jewelry as a makeup look. Choose a color scheme that matches the tones of the chosen piece. Break out that metallic eyeshadow pallet to go with a bronze or golden bracelet. If you selected a floral piece of jewelry, maybe you can recreate the general shape of power petals as you work.

Create an Entire Outfit

If you’re feeling a little stuck on your makeup look, it’s common to feel similar about your apparel. It’s time to dig further back into your closet instead of reaching for that same piece of jeans that you’ve worn every day this week. 

For this inspiration exercise, put together an outfit that feels like a more idealized version of yourself. Put on the wild shoes that you love but feel like they’re “too much” or grab your favorite t-shirt that has too many holes to be seen in public. If your wardrobe isn’t fitting your dream look, take matters into your own hands and design a totally unique hat that nobody else could possibly own.

Now that you’re in dressup mode, see what style of makeup feels like the right match. You might discover that your ideal self’s makeup routine is pretty different from your usual choices. 

Look to Your Tattoos

Tattoos and makeup have a lot in common. They’re both avenues of expression, letting us decorate our skin for a day or a lifetime. In this third and final exercise, you’ll be taking a good look at your own tattoos. If you don’t have any, use your imagination and pick something bold that you might or might not ever consider in real life.

Check out those tats and see what elements could be interesting to borrow. Thick lines could be reflected in eyeliner and eyebrows. A shark tattoo or a mermaid might inspire an oceanic motif with sparkling blues and green. If there are lots of geometric shapes, see if you can play with sharply defined eyeshadow or bold cheekbones.

Creating new looks with your makeup collection can be a fun and rewarding form of self expression. If you’re feeling burnt out, don’t despair--it can happen to anybody, and these strategies are here to make you feel brand new.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

I Am THE Makeup Junkie

IG: iamthemakeupjunkie


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