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Friday, March 19, 2021

Several Facts About Face Moisturizers

 Several Facts About Face Moisturizers

Everyone needs to take care of their skin from time to time. It can do it in many ways by simply washing it with soap when taking a bath or eating healthy foods to keep the pimples and outbreaks at bay. Others would even make it a nightly routine to take care and use several face products before bed. 

Even with the many benefits of using a face moisturizer, some do not use them because of the several misconceptions they believe about it. Some say that it is terrible for the skin and should only let the face’s natural oil cleanse it for you. If you still have doubts about using face moisturisers, you can find several interesting facts that will make you change your mind.


You Should Use Face Moisturizers with SPF Always

Whenever you are going out under the heat, you should know that there are face moisturizers with SPF to protect your face from extreme heat. Even if it is a snowy day and you cannot see sunlight during the day, there are still small traces of UV rays that will make their way to your skin, and you need to protect it all the time. 

You should know that constant exposure to the sun without proper protection can potentially lead to skin damage. In some cases, people may start noticing wrinkles forming on their face. However, the simple solution to that is by using a face moisturizer with an SPF count of 30 or above. Going lower than 30 will not protect your face from the sun efficiently. 


Face Moisturizers Can Significantly Reduce Wrinkles

As mentioned a while ago, face moisturizers can reduce wrinkles on your face. A time will come when your face will lose moisture, which means its elasticity will also be compromised. It is also why people who reach their 50’s start to notice bits of wrinkles forming on their face and in some areas of their body. 

You can prevent the wrinkles from showing up on your face even as you grow old using face moisturizers as early as possible. Some would start at the age of 18 or 20 because that is usually the age where a person’s skin starts to reduce significant protein molecule production such as collagen and elastin.


Specific Moisturizers for Specific Needs

Besides keeping the face moisturized, you can find specific face moisturizers that can provide benefits that the others do not have. Everyone also has different skin types, making it essential for manufacturers to produce specific ones to cater to each person’s needs. 

 If you want to achieve more fragrant-smelling skin, you can buy face moisturizers with fragrance to the mixture. However, using the same one on sensitive skin is not suitable. The same goes for people who tend to have oily skin to face moisturizers that do not have too many oil-based ingredients. 

Another instance when you need a specific face moisturizer is when you will be exposed to different weather conditions. If the weather is warm, it would be best to put on a lighter moisturizer to make your face feel less hot. 

Do not forget to add face moisturisers to your skincare routine. Your face is one of the most exposed body parts, so you have to protect it at all times. 

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