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Friday, April 9, 2021

The Fountain Of Youth: Super Power Your Skin Elasticity

 The Fountain Of Youth: Super Power Your Skin Elasticity

The problem with sagging skin is that it’s not something you can easily hide with makeup. If anything, makeup makes it only more visible as it accentuates the areas that lack firmness. We tend to associate saggy skin with age. While it's true that collagen production shrinks as we grow older, it’s important to understand that it’s not only a problem that is age-related. Indeed, sagging ages you, but it could happen to anyone, even individuals who are in their 20s and 30s. However, thankfully, there are some tips to super power your skin elasticity and preserve your youthful appearance. 

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Add retinol to your skincare regime

Your cell turnover hits a 28-day period up until your early 30s, which means that every month your body creates a fresh layer of pristine skin. Unfortunately, with age, the regeneration process slows down and can take up to 70 days. That’s the equivalent of over two months without regenerating your skin. When without frequent regeneration, your face looks dull, wrinkled, and aged. Other factors can slow down the regeneration process, as you can find out below. You can supercharge your beauty routine with retinol creams and serums, which actively speeds up the cell turnover. Retinol will promote smoother skin. So this makes it a fantastic preventive ally to maintain your youthful and fresh look. 

Improve your skin cells functions

You can also choose to repair damage and help your skin regenerate from within. Unlike cream treatment, the NAD IV therapy circulates through your body. It isn’t a topical process, which means that it can also boost cell health in your organs, your legs, your hair, etc. NAD+ is a coenzyme that’s crucial to the production of energy at a cellular level. The cell needs to produce energy to fulfill its functions. However, when your metabolism becomes slow or clogged up, cells are unable to maintain their performance. That’s when wrinkles can become visible, among other complaints. 

Find low impact sports

Sports actively support skin health. Being physically active can help eliminate toxins through sweating and blood circulation. It also preserves the telomeres, which prevent your cells' DNA from damage. The telomeres shrink with age and high stress and can expose your DNA. This will lead to aging but also potential health risks. Exercises, however, can slow down the effect or even reverse it. However, it’s important to focus on fitness activities that are low impact. High impact workouts can lead to skin sagging. 

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Embrace a youthful diet

Can food age your face? The answer is more complex than a simple yes or no. Your diet can slow down your metabolism, lead to a dull complexion, and break down the collagen production in the skin. However, it doesn’t mean that eating a burger once in a while will give you wrinkles. Your diet needs to nourish your skin through hydrating and antioxidant nutrients. Foods that are high in vitamin C, for instance, are ideal as they promote collagen production. Ideally, you want a diet that’s rich in vitamins and minerals to fuel skin cells with energy. 

How do you maintain a youthful look? The answer involves both preventive and reparative strategies. The combination of targeted skincare, health-focused diet, and physical activities, and damage-repairing treatments can unlock the hidden fountain of youth for your skin. The bottom line: There’s no need for cosmetic procedures yet if you can give your skin the support it needs to heal naturally.

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