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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

3 Compelling Reasons To Simplify Your Beauty Cabinet

 3 Compelling Reasons To Simplify Your Beauty Cabinet

How many beauty products do you own? It is a tricky question. Most of us have a variety of bottles and vials, some that we have bought to try, some that we have not yet opened, others that we keep to interchange with our current products. In short, it’s hard to know how many products you’ve got. 

But when it comes to your beauty cabinet, there’s a compelling argument to go minimalist. Less can be more in the beauty routine. If you are wondering about simplifying your beauty cabinet, here are 3 reasons why it can be a game-changer in your day-to-day life. 

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More nourishing

The beauty industry is constantly innovating. Yet, some of the most famous brand you’ve got at home could be filled with potentially harmful ingredients. Surfactants, preservatives, and fragrances are some of the most commonly quoted causes of irritation. To clarify, surfactants are typically found inside shampoos and other emulsifiers, foams, and dispersant agents. It may not be a cause of concern for your health, but it seriously affects aquatic ecosystems every time your wash your hair. Preservatives are common to most beauty products. Their role is to prolong the use of your product. Fragrance is quite straightforward and doesn’t need any explanation. Now’s the time to check your labels. Ingredient lists that mention parabens, sulfate, formaldehyde preservative, and oxybenzone are harmful for your skin. More importantly, chemical products contain not nutrients. Have you ever tried to make diy shampoo or skincare? Contrary to common belief, you don’t need to run your own pharmaceutical factory to make effective products. Something as simple as using fresh coconut milk on your scalp can help boost hair health and nourish your skin. It can be a good idea to switch your routine to natural products if you’re struggling with hair or skin health issues. 

Too much isn’t good for you

There is such a thing as using too many products. As mentioned,  you want to check the list of ingredients in your favorite products. Many synthetic ingredients can not cause irritation, skin rashes, allergic reactions, etc. Layering many chemical products may in fact be counterproductive, even though they are seem so promising! 

For of all, you could be messing with your skin or hair by piling too many active ingredients. You need to nourish your skin and hair cell with  healthy ingredients. The average regeneration cycle of the skin cell is between 30 to 50 days. In other words, nourishing your skin will achieve long-term results. Immediate overnight results are a nice trick, but they do not support long-term health. 

Eco-friendly habits

According to a survey, we use only 12.5% of our beauty products. Our beauty cabinets are creating 87.5% of waste. Needless to say, the impact on the environment is huge. So, for the sake of Mother Nature, it can be a good idea to cut down on our beauty shopping habits. Fewer products will mean less waste. As part of your beauty fast, you may want to switch to eco-friendly replacements, which are either refillable or recyclable, and come in reusable packaging. 

Feeling beautiful in your skin comes from within. It’s about how your beauty routine makes you feel. With the rise of organic cosmetics, it makes sense to embrace the less is more movement: Less harmful formulas, less unnatural products, less waste. Are you ready to greenify your beauty cabinet? 

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

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