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Saturday, May 8, 2021

Guest Post: 6 Easy Tips and Tricks for Looking Better in Photographs

 6 Easy Tips and Tricks for Looking Better in Photographs

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Getting our pictures taken is something most of us will have to do at one time or another. It could be a family photo, a work headshot, wedding photos and a variety of others. Selfies are also growing more popular and the average person will take more than 400 annually.

Unfortunately, plenty of people simply don’t like the way they look in photos. This could be because it feels awkward, because they don’t like their smile, or simply because they cannot find a good pose. However, you aren’t doomed to feel this way forever. This blog post is going to go over six easy and simple tips for improving how you look in photos.

Get Your Hair Under Control

In order to look your best, you need to get your hair under control. It should be styled in a way that accentuates your features and looks great at the same time. Of course, if you aren’t happy with something about your hair, be sure to change it before your big photoshoot. For example, if you are going grey, this article can be helpful and assist you in getting your confidence back. If you feel confident in your hair and it looks great, it will shine through in the photo.

Smile Naturally

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If you try to force a smile, it can be obvious, especially around the eyes. To look your best, you want to smile naturally. If you have trouble doing this on the spot, think of a happy or funny memory, or have the photographer or other people around attempt to make you laugh. Your natural smile encompasses your whole face and generally photographs much better in most situations.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practicing is one of the most tried and true ways to improve how you look in photos. It can feel a bit silly, but standing in front of the mirror and practicing can help you find your best look and how best to smile. In addition to practicing your smile and poses, consider taking a lot of photos as well. The more you take, the better the chances you will find one that you like. Not only that, but the more you take, the more comfortable you will become in front of the camera.

Find the Right Angle

Taking great photos is often about finding the right angle, and there are many to choose from. Photos can be taken from above, straight on, from below or even from the side. Many people have a “good side” they prefer, or an angle that helps them look slimmer or better. It is up to you to find this angle and use it to your advantage to get the best photos possible.

Use Props of Some Kind

One of the biggest problems people have when taking photos is not knowing what to do with their arms or hands. Instead of awkwardly crossing them or holding them to the side, consider using props. This could be anything from holding a wine glass, to holding your sunglasses, or even holding your sweater or jacket over your shoulder. These poses can also give you something to do, and will look much less awkward in most cases.

Highlight Your Best Features

Most people have at least a couple of features on themselves that they are happy about. This could be your eyes, your smile, your hair, your shoulders, your arms or anything else. When you take photos, make an effort to highlight these features you feel are your best. In a similar vein, find ways to hide or downplay the ones that you don’t. This can all be done by the clothes you wear, the angle the photos are taken from and how you are positioned or posed.

In conclusion, we hope the simple tips and tricks in this article have been able to help you learn how to look better in photos.

Ashley Lipman

The Blog Frog

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