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Monday, May 3, 2021

Review: Kiehl's Daily Refining Milk-Peel Toner #Kiehls #DailyRefiningMilkPeelToner #Beauty #Skincare #Toner

(product photo courtesy of www.kiehls.com)

6.8 fl.oz./200mL $45.00

Liquid exfoliants have become quite commonplace in skincare regimens as of late. These products are generally more gentle than their stronger counterparts and make for an easier, lighter peel for the skin. Even those with sensitive skin can use some of them. 

One liquid exfoliant that I tried out recently and really do like a lot is Kiehl's Daily Refining Milk-Peel Toner. This bi-phase toner contains two chemical exfoliants, a LHA (lipo-hydroxy acid), which is a salicylic acid derivative and lactic acid. LHA means that it is a fat dissolving acid. These acids are great daily gentle exfoliants because they dissolve the bonds between the surface cells of the stratum corneum (the outer layer of the epidermis). LHAs also have astringent properties that further enable skin protection. As it also contains 23% emollients & almond milk and it hydrates the skin so well, this toner is affable enough for daily use. The Daily Milk-Peel Toner is perfect for those with sensitive and dry skin types. It contains squalane, which is an excellent emollient/moisturizer for dry and sensitive skins. Squalane occurs naturally in the skin but is also reproduced typically in olives too. This product was inspired by the Korean 'milk peel' dermatologist treatments. It decongests the skin by removing dead skin cells in the "pores" (hair follicles), gently exfoliates and dissolves impurities while replenishing the skin's moisture levels for a more refined, clearer complexion*. The amount of capryloyl salicylic acid and lactic acid are not mentioned, however, the former should be more than 1% at least. The lactic acid is low on the list and is likely to be at the 1% amount. That is enough to exfoliate though. Lactic acid is perfect for this product as it is the most gentle of all the AHAs and it hydrates the skin too. (*results based on expert grading in a clinical study of 44 panelists, aged 30-50, after 4 weeks of use). 

To use: shake well before use to mix the bi-phase toner. Twice daily apply the toner to a cotton pad and gently swipe along a clean and dry face & décolletage. Avoid the eye area. For best results, use after cleansing and before any serums. 

Clinical Results Show: 
  • After 7 days skin was clinically-proven to be softer, smoother and brighter
  • In a clinical and consumer study of 52 women, after 7 days**:
    • 96% agree skin feels moisturized
    • 93% agree skin feels comfortable
    • 90% agree skin looks more supple
(**Results based on a 4-week consumer perception study of 52 panelists aged 30-50 having all skin types, including 50% of sensitive skin)

Normally I wouldn't recommend any sort of liquid exfoliant for sensitive skin that should be used daily, however this milk-peel is perfect for dry and sensitive skin types. Although it was designed for all skin types, it is especially good for sensitive and dry skin. Sensitive skin can be oily or dry, it is a state of being, not a skin type per se. I found this toner to be an excellent way to help exfoliate the skin, decongest the "pores" and bring some clarity to the skin. Because it is so gentle, this product is not likely to work so well on those with oilier skins. I would also recommend it for mature skin types too. This toner is very emollient and hydrating, as it contains a large amount of squalane and almond milk. After shaking it up and wetting a cotton pad, it is applied to the face and the skin feels very refreshed, hydrated, supple and almost soothed in a way. My own skin happens to be dry and it works very well for my skin. The bottle is huge and should last a long time, I purchased mine during the SEPHORA sale. 

Kiehl's Daily Refining Milk-Peel Toner retails for $45.00 and can be found online at www.kiehls.com and anywhere Kiehl's is sold. Like Kiehls on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KiehlsUS/; Follow Kiehls on Twitter: @kiehls; Follow Kiehls on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/kiehlssince1851; Follow Kiehls on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kiehls/ and Subscribe to Kiehls on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/kiehls.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis


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