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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Why You Should Be Wearing Sunscreen Everyday, Even in The House!

Why You Should Be Wearing Sunscreen Everyday, Even in The House!

It is true that 90% of aging is experienced through the sun too. Everyone is born with the same amount of melanocytes in the skin. Melanocytes make melanin, the pigment that is what forms skin pigmentation. Some people make more pigmentation than others and this is determined through genetics. Hair, skin and eye color is all dependant on the amount of melanin someone has. Personally, I am of Northern European descent and have very little melanin in my skin. I am a Fitzpatrick I on the dermatology skin scale. The scale was developed in 1975 by Thomas Fitzpatrick, MD of Harvard Medical School and classifies people according to hair, skin and eye color. There are six skin phototypes. I and II face the highest risk of skin cancer V and VI the lowest. I have blue/green eyes, naturally dark blonde hair and always burn. I did mention that I have already had skin cancer twice, basal cell carcinomas. 

People often ask: which brand of SPF skincare should I use? While there is no one brand that works perfectly for everyone, it is important to use a brand of SPF that is developed by dermatologists and doctors, rather than from more aesthetic (style-over-substance) cosmetic brands. EltaMD skincare products, for example, are developed by doctors with years of experience in the skincare industry, and use top ingredients that will properly protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays. Generally, SPF moisturizers shouldn’t contain fragrances or perfumes, as these can react badly with sun exposure. Make sure you read the back of the bottle or click on “Details” when you shop online! 

Now that you know you should wear sunscreen, hopefully you will wear it all the time. I have faith that you will heed my advice and if you have not been wearing it, start wearing it everyday. And make sure to wear enough. On the face alone you need enough to cover the entire face, neck, chest that is showing and ears. I hope this has been educational and if you have any questions feel free to email me or send me a Tweet. 

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