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Friday, September 2, 2011

theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette: Muppets!!!!

When I first heard about this palette I went nuts. I am a huge Muppets fan and I just knew I had to have this at any cost. Well I lucked into a pre-order on Twitter one day. This palette is a limited edition, there are only 1000 being made and they are $44.50 each. BUT, the company did come out and say that the same colors would be in a holiday palette. So, if you miss out on this one you can always get the holiday one without the Muppets theme. I couldn't wait. I wanted the Muppets theme! :)

Let me say this first. I have never used any products from theBalm, which is highly unusual considering how much makeup I have. I should probably go over to Makeupalley.com and see what the reviews are for their shadows. I find them to be a little on the chalky side with some payoff issues. The light ones are very chalky and have very little payoff, while the darker ones are not as chalky and have better payoff (which is to be expected).

Today I wore Celebrational in the crease, outer corner of the lid and under the eye. I wore Curtain Call on the lid and Hiii-Yaaa! under the brow. Celebrational went on very well and looked great. Curtain Call BARELY showed up at all!

Second Row of Shadows

First row of Shadows

I am going to go through all the shadows in the palette now as I swatched them, in order: Tres Moi (shimmery reddish brown); Wocka, Wocka (olive green); Meep Meep (shimmery copper); and Mahna- Mahna (shimmery gold brown) are on the top row. You can see how light they are and these are dark colors! The next row is Sensational (medium blue); Inspirational (almost darkish black blue); Celebrational (my crease color, medium shimmery brown); Muppetational (shimmery gray).
Third Row of Shadows
Fourth Row of Shadows

The third row is Woman, Woman (bright forest green; Curtain Call (my lid color, shimmery lavender); Great Gonzo (bright shimmery robin's egg blue); and Kissy, Kissy (dark shimmery purple) . The final row of shadows is Wild Child (shimmery yellow); Lab Coat (shimmery white) ;Hiii-Yaaa (shimmery nude tone); and Swedish Pancakes (shimmery pink). You can see in the photograph that the fourth row of shadows just barely shows up on the skin.

The palette also includes two lip/cheek stains and one lipgloss. The lip/cheek stains are called Rainbow Connection (bright coral pink) and (LeDiva (raspberry pink). The lip gloss is called Electric Mayhem and is a nude with just a hint of pink to it.
Today I did not wear any of the lip/cheek stains but they seem nice from the swatches I took.

The colors I really like are Great Gonzo, Celebrational, Swedish Pancakes and Meep Meep. I was hoping Curtain Call would not be so wishy washy and have more payoff. I am not sure if I will be buying theBalm shadows in the future when there are so many other companies I can spend my money on and get a lot of pigment in my shadows. Questions? Comments? Smart remarks?

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