Monday, October 3, 2011

Some Good Basic Skin Care to Know: Yes, There is Always Time to Save Your Skin Part: 1

Let me tell you a secret. I am, gulp, 40 years old. I hate to admit it. Seriously. The reason why I am admitting this is because I have great skin and I don’t look 40 years old. I have people come up to me constantly asking for tips and tricks on makeup and skincare. So I thought I would start with some basics. I am an esthetician and makeup artist so I have at least a minimum of knowledge to get you on your way!

  • Stay out of the sun or use a high SPF sunblock. I know you have heard this time and time again but it is the most important of any message that someone in the industry will tell you. Start early and use it often. I am of Germanic descent so I really have to watch, I burn like a lobster! If you can, pick an SPF with a mineral base. That would be one that has the ingredients titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide. These work to reflect the sun’s rays and are usually in sunblocks that are called “sensitive skin”. Chemical sunblocks are okay but can cause irritation in some people and they can not be used near the eye area.
  • Second, as soon as possible, develop a skincare routine that is appropriate for your age. I have children and they already use moisturizer with sunscreen, body lotion after baths and showers, lip balm and copious amounts of hand cream to combat the dry air. Start your kids on a cleanser, and a light moisturizer with sunscreen at first. Make sure they stay up with it in the summer!
  • If you start to develop acne, treat it right. I specialize in acne. It does not always need a physician but you have to also realize when over the counter products aren’t working either. Benzoyl peroxide works well, but it is a prophylactic (preventative) for acne and thus you need to use it all over not as a spot treatment. Also it is very drying to the skin, so those 10% amounts in the drugstore can cause an effect where the skin will produce more oil to compensate for the dryness, thus fueling the acne machine.
  • Once you hit 20-30 you need to speed up the exfoliation process. Light peels and scrubs work well for this. The kind that you find at Sephora are great. Make sure to continue with the sunblock. Add an eye cream, very light, to prevent any fine lines from forming. Facials are nice to have once in a while or regularly if there is a condition that would require them.
So that is the beginning of my basic skin care guide. In Part 2. I will go from the 30’s on up!


  1. Why would you hate to admit it? To paraphrase Gloria Steinem "Maybe this is what 40 looks like!". And we are getting smarter and smarter over time, too. Revel in all that beauty and wisdom!

  2. Why? Because when I was little 40 meant old to me. Now that I AM 40 it doesn't seem so bad, except for the tumor, the shingles, inevitable things that follow those things. :) Well, maybe it is bad...

  3. you have gorgeous skin, marie! i wish i had the common sense to use sunscreen. i know i supposedly still need it in winter but really? i live in a grey world now. tell me the truth.

  4. Definitely! The suns rays penetrate the clouds and they do reflect off of the snow (that is the worst part of winter, call winter burn). Most people will notice that as they age one side of their face is worse than the other and that is due to driving. The suns' rays penetrate the car window and affect our skin as we drive too.

    Thank you for the complement. :)

  5. How do you feel about the Colorescience loose powder sunscreens with micronized titanium and zinc oxide? Do you think loose powder can really protect without caking it on? I am intrigued by the concept!

  6. I am not sure about those. But think about this: to claim they are sunscreens and sunblocks though they have to be approved as such, since those ingredients are considered active. I use the Physician's Formula SPF 50 Powder in the summer sometimes. Good question!

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