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Friday, May 11, 2012


How would you love to have waterproof mascara at the stroke of a brush? You can with Anastasia Beverly Hills’ new Lash Genius Waterproof Top Coat. Available in May at Sephora for $21, this top coat for mascara instantly waterproofs ANY mascara!!!!

It is a colorless topcoat that doesn’t harden, clump or dry over your current mascara yet provides a barrier that is waterproof, allowing you to cry at weddings, swim or beat the heat of summer. It is also hypoallergenic. And it lasts until you remove it! Have you a favorite mascara that doesn’t come in a waterproof formula? It does now!

I tried Lash Genius for two days so far. Both times I wore it over my new favorite mascara, L’Oreal’s False Fiber Lashes in Black Lacquer. I applied two coats of mascara and then immediately applied the topcoat. The first test for the topcoat applied nicely. I found that it applied very easily over the mascara. I then put drops in my eyes and the mascara didn’t run. Often I have one eye that tends to tear up and I have never been able to figure out why. Usually by the end of the day I have had to fix my makeup on the left eye numerous times. With the top coat the mascara stayed nicely and I didn’t have to fix it at all. The second day I put on mascara and wore it in the shower. I found that the mascara didn’t run at all with the water going over it. It does take some time to get off with eye makeup remover, as there are a couple of coats on the lashes. I have to say that I am EXTREMELY happy with Lash Genius! I think it will be a big hit for summer.



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