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Thursday, May 10, 2012




Hard Candy, available in Wal-Mart stores, has come out with two new products for spring. The first is a product called Lash Ink, which is a four day lash stain, and the other is Hide & Glow Cheek, which is a duo cheek tint. I received two samples of these to try out and I was anxious to give you feedback on how well they work.



Lash Ink is a four day lash stain. The tube it comes it proclaims that you can apply it, shower, go swimming , rub your eyes and the lash stain will stay flawless on your eyes for four days. I was really skeptical about this. It comes in black. The applicator brush is thin and I applied two coats, just to make sure I got a good coating. My only concern was I use a oil based eye makeup remover to take off my eye makeup so I was going to have to skip that for the next few days and try something else to take off my eyeshadow and liner. I definitely feel that it wore really well for three days. By the fourth day I still has some on, but it had started to break down some. I feel that is likely due to my cleansing routine. I wear an a good amount of eye makeup and need some good cleansing to take it off every day. I used a creamy based cleanser, which could definitely help break down some of the product. The lash stain didn’t flake off, it just kind of disappeared little by little. I like this product and would definitely buy it since my own lashes are very pale. I would use this and a mascara together.



I also tried out the Hide & Glow Cheek Duo Cheek Tint in 316 Pillow Talk. The two colors in this product are a cotton candy pink and a medium pink toned shimmer. What I like about this product is that there are two colors to choose from and the colors are such opposites, so you can mix them and create a fun new color for blush. I swatched them on my inner arm and you can see them fairly well. I found that the cotton candy pink color went on much brighter than the regular pink shimmer color. What I also like about this product is that it applies well over foundation. Applied right over foundation, prior to powder, the cream blush made my cheeks look very rosy and springy! It also lasted all day. I think this is a nice product for on the go and travel. I find that cream blush is a great product for spring and summer and this one is wonderful because you get three colors in one great little tube.

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