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Sunday, June 17, 2012


SeeandBeSeenSee and Be Seen Box


The See and Be Seen Kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills is only available for a limited time at Sephora and Anastasia.net. This amazing little kit gives you a chance to try four different products for $44 (retail $80!!!!). In the kit you get the following:

  • Two new Hyrdafull Glosses in Plastic (sheer bright pink) and Heiress (sheer bright coral). The glosses were created specifically for this kit and will not be available once it is sold out. The Hydrafull gloss maximizes fullness of the lips and keeps lips hydrated.
  • A tinted brow gel in Caramel. The Anastasia Beverly Hills brow gels set the look of the brow, contains conditioners and essential oils to keep the brows soft and looking great.
  • Also included is the Illumin8 Shadow Duo in On Set (rosy bronze and golden bronze). Both colors complement the lipglosses and are perfect for the sultry summer heat. The shadows soothe, soften and hydrate the skin.



For the “See and Be Seen” look I took the eyeshadow duo and used the golden bronze color in the crease, on the outer edge of my eye and under my eye. I used the rosy bronze color on my lid and lightly under my brow. I used Cargo’s waterproof Swimmable’s liner in gold on the upper lid and Maybelline’s Lots of Lashes mascara in black. I also used Anastasia of Beverly Hills Lash Genius to waterproof my lashes since it is hot out and I wanted to have nice waterproofed lashes! I used the brow tint on my brows and I found that the Caramel color works very well with my red hair.

On my cheeks I used Benefit’s coral bella bamba. I wanted a nice bright lip so I mixed the two lipglosses that came with the See and Be Seen kit. I like both glosses, but I am especially drawn to Heiress, which upon further inspection is more than just a sheer coral. It has tones of pink to it too. Very pretty!!!!

This kit is so cute! I think it is well worth the $44 and the eyeshadows are extremely pigmented. They go on smoothly and have little fallout. The lipglosses, even though they are sheer in tint, are pigmented as well. They also last a long time, which is great. I am loving the Anastasia line. I did receive this as a promotional item, but I will always be truthful about items. I am happy with this kit and do recommend it. Please feel free to leave questions or comments!



  1. Heyho :)

    I was looking for some pictures about a NYX palette, when I stumbled over you pictures. Please excuse my english in case it's really bad, I'm not a native speaker.
    So I came here, to your blog and after seeing some blogposts of yours (and since you say you criticsm) I just wanted to point at some things you might think about to enhance the quality of this site.

    And the first thing would be: Please stop pushing your lips together. It's what they call duckface. It doesnt make lips look bigger it makes your mouth look kinda weird. Relax the area around your mouth, that's prettier.

    Second: Get some help with the camera. You can either stand in front of a mirror and check the display with a look in a mirror or ask someone to take the pics. Cause they're not only blurred but the perspectiv isn't the best one to shoot make ups (and it doesn't make you look good).
    Things like Flickr btw make it easier to embed pictures (and make that look prettier aswell).

    Third: You might want to take a second look at the shape of your eyes. The outer corner drops and you have hooded eyelids. Both need more attention than I can see on the pictures. You should absolutely avoid to follow your crease when shading, because it brings both out. It's basically one technic that covers both.
    When shading, start A LOT higher. And don't raise up your brows that distorbs the result! You should work above the crease, bring the shadows a lot higher. It will open your eyes a lot. I you look straight, take a brush and hold it close to your eyes, horizontally. The innerst, lowest point of your eybrow is the height you want for the highest point of your shadow, to point it out exactly the vertical line should be right between the middle and the outer third of the eye.

    I write Anonymous cause I don't have any of those accounts, but here's an emailadress of mine: ajyc-tuki(at)gmx.de in case you want to talk about it :)

    As I said, I'm not a native speaker and I really hope this didn't sound rude, it's not easy to get a feeling for that, cause in my native language we've got quite similar phrases but with different connotation...

  2. Thank you for the criticism. I honestly am not pushing my lips together. They are naturally like that. I know I have hooded eyes. I have worked out how to do my eyes the best way for me. I have tried many ways over the years and this is better for me.


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