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Thursday, July 26, 2012

DNAEGF Renewal Foaming Cleanser


Several times I have written about the items in the DNAEGF Renewal line, this line is a wonderful line started by Dr. Ronald Moy. He has taken his lifelong passion for science and developed a line that culminates in a futuristic approach to skincare. I am lucky enough to have tried a few of these items. Today I will be discussing the DNAEGF Renewal Cleanser. This cleanser is available from www.dnaegfrenewal.com for $28.00 (6.7 oz.)


If you want clean, vibrant skin, the non-irritating exfoliation in this gentle foaming cleanser is perfect for you. It doesn’t have any artificial fragrances, sulfates or parabens. DNAEGF Renewal Foaming Cleanser will wash away all makeup, dirt and oils while providing a controlled release of AHC (glycolic ‘sugar’ acid) that can be used by even those with the most sensitive skins. This unique glycolic acid stimulates exfoliation and primes skin for maximum regeneration and cell turnover. The glycolic acid is a special sugar acid that is combined with an amino acid for a slow, controlled release to reduce stinging and eliminate irritation that is normally associated with AHA’s.

Use the cleanser in the morning or before bed to remove makeup. It can be applied with a washcloth or a soft brush. Rinse with warm water.

I really liked this cleanser. It is light and airy, yet removed my makeup very easily and made NY skin feel very smooth! It is definitely a good value and I can see adding this to my repertoire.

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