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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Refresh and Soothe Your Skin This Summer With emerginC Deglazing Toner


emerginC’s Deglazing Toner is a wonderful addition to any skincare routine for those that have oily, acne prone skin. The Deglazing Toner is an active anti-bacterial liquid that not only soothes the skin but helps to improve its appearance through the active ingredient, citric acid (an alpha hydroxyl acid). It not only hydrates the skin but helps bring more circulation to the skin. The other active ingredients, such as camphor, eucalyptus, clove and peppermint, soothe and help get rid of excess bacteria and oil. The Deglazing Toner comes in an 8.1 fl. oz. bottle and is available for $29.00 wherever emerginC is sold (www.emerginc.com or various salons and spas).

The directions say it can be used morning and night after cleansing. emerginC also offers a Deglazing Cleanser that works in conjunction to help keep oil and bacteria at bay. Apply toner with a cotton ball or pad on clean skin. The deglazing toner has ingredients in it that are anti-bacterial and break up sebum. Sebum and dead skin cells, along with bacteria are the cause of pimples. After using it for a few days in this awful heat, I can absolutely say that this is a great product for those with oily, bacteria prone skin.

1 comment:

  1. This sounds like something my skin would need at the end of summer. Unfortunately I do not like the scents in it but I am sure I have a toner on hand I could use.


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