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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Skip This: L’Oreal Youth Code BB Cream Illuminator

I must have “SUCKER” tattooed on my forehead. Whenever there is a new BB cream that hits the market, I go and purchase it. Rarely have I ever been completely disappointed to the point that I want to throw the product away. Until now. L’Oreal’s Youth Code BB Cream Illuminator misses the mark for me in so many ways that I couldn’t even begin to focus on its positive points.
This product comes in two colors: Light and Medium. I purchased the Light thinking it would be relatively close to a “light” skin tone. Okay, I know I am akin to ghostly white and I have pigmentation “issues”. But this went on dark and orange. I had to wipe it off or risk going out looking like someone had spray tanned just my face.
It does have a broad spectrum sunscreen in it, SPF 15 (Octinoxate  4% and Titanium dioxide 3.6%). The claims it makes are: evens out skin tone with a hint of color, illuminates, perfects, moisturizes for 24 hours, protects against future damage and corrects. With the Youth Code ingredients people saw immediate results such as a luminous complexion with an even finish. After several weeks of use people saw imperfections diminished, a refined skin texture and softer and smoother skin.
Now, if you find that the color works well for you, then by all means try it and see if you obtain these results! It comes in a 2.5 oz. tube and is available at various drugstores for around $12.95.

I also wanted to mention a fabulous blog. My friend Stevie hosts: LA Story. Take a peek please because she works really hard and does a great job finding these great stories and super interviews!

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