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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Inglot Hawaiian Bar: Coral Sunset Look


This will be the last look I am going to do with the Inglot Hawaiian Bar items and I wanted to go out with a bang! I decided to do a sunset eye look, coral colors, which I love. It is not something that everyone can wear but something that really brings out the green in my eyes, so if you have blue-green eyes you might want to consider coral colors to make them pop.


To get this look I took the dark coral shadow from the 5 pan palette on the 2nd from the left and used it in the crease. Then I used the light peach shade on the lid and the light yellow color under the brow. From the 20 pan I used the rust shade on the bottom left and placed it on the outer edge of the crease and under the eye. I lined my eye with the new 3-Way Liner from Too Faced Cosmetics (review to come later). I really like this but it is easy to go from a tiny line to a large line if your hands are shaky (which mine were this morning). I also used their Lashgasm mascara in black. On my cheeks I used the brighter pink blush from the 4 pan that is the 2nd from the right. It gives a really nice coral glow. On my lips is coral pink lip gloss that you see in the photo above, also 2nd from the right and 2nd from the top in the swatch photo.


As I mentioned, this look is not for everyone. However, I particularly like it for my coloring. I think it is one of my favorites and definitely one of the best that I have done with the Inglot products. Inglot is available at www.inglotusa.com. They are great products and really have a HUGE selection of eyeshadows, blushes and lipsticks especially! I hope you have enjoyed the past three looks I have done with their products. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Very pretty! I haven't used Inglot glosses before.

    1. They have a lot of pigment in them and are somewhat sticky. Inglot is a great line, an artist's line. Their eye shadows are what made them pretty famous. I do recommend the eye shadows to start with if you are interested in trying the line. You will get lost in them!


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