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Thursday, September 13, 2012

SOBE Organics Human Hair Extensions


A couple of months ago I posted about the SOBE Human Hair Extensions that are used by celebrities. I was lucky enough to get some samples of these and my daughter has been wearing them for about a a month and a half now and I wanted to post some photos of how they look. Below you will find the instructions and colors that these great extensions come in. They are great for any age and if you are a celebrity or regular person. My daughter LOVES them!
 SOBE Organics Remy Seamless Fantasy Color Tape Extensions are the permanent option for brightly colored pieces that will not damage natural hair and come in red, blue, burgundy, pink and purple. You do not have to dye your natural locks to get this of-the-moment look.  Simply remove tape and sandwich extension on natural hair for a three to nine month wear.  Extensions are easily removed with SOBE Organic’s Application Remover System and can be reapplied with additional tape. SOBE Organics Fantasy Color Tape Extensions are available in 16 to 24 inch lengths and range from $12.99 to $25.00.

- Prep hair, should be clean, dry and free of products
- Select desired SOBE Organics Seamless Tape Extension to add to hair.
- Section hair to a piece of equal width and thickness to that of the SOBE Organics Seamless Tape Extension
- Remove tape backing and sandwich either side over natural hair
- Press and hold for approximately 30 seconds
- Repeat as necessary
- Style hair and add product as desired with hair dryer, curling iron or flat iron
- For maximum wear, do not wash hair for 3 days after application

- To remove, spray SOBE Organics Remover Spray directly onto tape
- Allow to set for 2 minutes
- Remove SOBE Organics Seamless Tape Extension with no damage to natural hair
- Reapply tape to SOBE Organics Seamless Tape Extension for multiple wears

Available in Hibiscus Island Hot Pink, Brickell Red, Ocean Drive Turquoise, Purdy Ave Purple, Pastel Pink, Pastel Blue.

For more information on SOBE Organics, please visit www.sobeorganics.com.


  1. Wow great! A perfect combination resulted. I love it!


  2. The colour of these hair extensions are too bright , I think the colour of the hair extensions must be natural, and it is not compulsory that these brightly colours suits on everyone.


  3. I understand Sophie, but that is what we were given for review.

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