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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Review: Manna Kadar Bronze Beauty Self-Tanning Lotion


I am a very pale person. We are talking ghostly pale. I cannot go into the sun at all, for fear of sun burn. Which is a good thing, because as an esthetician I cannot recommend getting a suntan. The sun damages the skin, causing cancer. I also cannot recommend going to tanning booths, indoor tanning can also cause skin cancer.

The only safe way to tan is by using self-tanning lotion. A new line of cosmetics, by beauty veteran Manna Kadar, includes a great self-tanning lotion for helping to take your skin from soft pale like mine to a hot bronze that will make you feel as if you had been at the beach all year long.


Bronze Beauty (4 oz., $24.00) is made with aloe, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and that help hydrate and moisturize the skin. It has an almond oil scent that smells fresh and lively. Apply evenly over face and body. The color is instant and intensifies over 3 hours. Wash hands immediately so that you avoid discoloring hands. Maintain the color by using Bronze Beauty 1-3 times a week.


The above photos show my swatches of Bronze Beauty. I thought since I am so pale, it would be a great trial to just swatch it on my inner forearm to see the coloring and how it turned out. The 1st photo on the top row, left, shows my inner forearm without any product applied. As you can see I am very pale. The 2nd photo, middle, top row shows product applied and rubbed in. After 3 hours I took a picture and you can see in the 3rd photo, right, top row that there is significant change in my skin coloring. The color looks pretty good.

Bottom row, 1st photo, I did a 2nd application of the self-tanner. I like the color like this actually. After 3 hours it developed into a little bit darker color. It is pretty brown. I prefer the 1st “coat”.  This would be too dark for me.

Overall, Bronze Beauty is a pretty good self-tanning lotion. After 2 coats of the product on my skin, I can say that it did what it is supposed to do. I don’t really like the almond oil scent, but that is just my preference. I think that if you want a self-tanner that will go pretty dark, this is one that will fit the bill for you.

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