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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Review: Too Faced Shadow Bon Bons for the Holidays!


I love when the holidays come around, for various reasons, and one of them is because we get all of the great blockbuster cosmetic sets. Yes, I am a palette junkie. Too Faced Cosmetics has out done themselves this year with some fabulous sets that are available on their website, as well as a set on Sephora. Today I am going to be reviewing the first in a line of what looks to be some fun and useful makeup.

The Too Faced Shadow Bon Bons is available on www.toofaced.com for $42.00 (listed retail value is $147.00). It includes a mirror, 12 full sized eyeshadows, a full size Lashgasm mascara in Black and a 0.17 oz Shadow Insurance eyeshadow primer in Candlelight (golden glow). It also comes with three looks for each row of shadows. That is a lot for $42.00 but is it really worth that much?


The shadows are as follows:

(on the first row) Vanilla (matte medium bone), Cut the Cake (matte heathered mist), Framboise (shimmery dark lilac), Coffee Bean (matte dark brown coffee)

(on the second row) Peach Fuzz (glittery peach), Hot Cocoa (matte medium cocoa taupe), Candy Rose (glittery pink sparkle), Lovey Dovey (shimmery sable brown),

(third row) Nude Beach (shimmery nude champagne), Cinnamon Sugar (shimmery light brown cocoa), Marzipan (matte light taupe), Licorice Latte (glittery black gold)

In my opinion when I went to swatch the shadows, the matte shadows didn’t swatch as well as the shimmery or glittery ones, which is par for the course with many brands. This is also true with the lighter shades as well. I’m not saying they aren’t good, but I didn't get as good pigmentation with the matte shadows I used today. The shimmery shades are very nice though. I think it is just one or two shades that have this problem (Peach Fuzz), so that is not a deal breaker for me. I like that there are looks for each row. I also like the Shadow Insurance. This product is such a great product!!!! The Candlelight shade is beautiful!!!!! The Lashgasm mascara is a great product too, it gives lots of length and some nice volume to my lashes. I also want to say that I didn’t experience any eyeshadow fallout, which makes me very happy!

Today I decided to do a look from the first row, Sugared Violet. It makes a great smokey eye. As you can see, those shades have great pigmentation. I took the Shadow Insurance in Candlelight and used it all over my lid and under the brow. Then I used Vanilla and used it as a Base all over my eye. Cut the Cake was used on the lid. Framboise was used in the crease and then I took Coffee Bean and used it on the outer part of the lid, lined the upper lid and under the eye. I used Lashgasm mascara in Black on my lashes, two coats. The look is great!!! The look makes my eyes look very defined and the color of the iris looks nice and green. On my cheeks I am wearing Too Faced Ultra Flush Blush in Who’s Your Poppy and Too Faced Glamour Gloss in Flirt.

So, what is my verdict on the Too Faced Shadow Bon Bons? I adore it! It is a great value. If you take price divided by the number of shadows , the value is tremendous. It comes out to $3.5 per shadow. That alone makes it worth buying the palette. There is really only one shade that is not well pigmented. It is a neutral palette, which Too Faced does very well. You can get some great smokey eyes out of it! I say if you are up for getting a new palette, then why not get this one. The shadows are full sized and so is the mascara. The eyeshadow primer is a pretty good value too. I give this one a definite thumbs up!

Come back tomorrow to see my review on the other lovely Too Faced sets for the holidays. Don’t forget to enter my giveaway: http://iamthemakeupjunkie.blogspot.com/2012/09/reader-giveaway-ease-frizz-this-fall.html.



  1. this looks absolutely amazing!

  2. Thanks, I was pretty happy with it too. :)

  3. Been really considering this palette but I hear such varying reviews of it hmmm I like your swatches, I kind of like that the mattes are softer maybe for everyday. I love your eye look - it looks pigmented haha cute blog :) following you

    Miranda M. Pretty Squared | http://prettysquared.blogspot.com/

  4. Miranda, I like this one a lot. The shadows are for a softer look, nothing dramatic. Thanks for the nice comments!


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