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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Review: Holiday MAC Fabulousness/ 5 Neutral Eyes


MAC, as usual, has released a bevy of would be wonder for us to sink our wallets. I was fairly good this year. The exclusive kits didn’t excite me as much as the Glamour Daze collection (which I will be reviewing later). There are three Fabulousness Eye kits, retailing for $39.50 and available at  www.maccosmetics.com or any MAC counter. These kits are not eligible for the PRO discount. The three kits are: warm eyes, neutral eyes and smoky eyes. I bought the neutral eyes kit. The kit is housed in a cute palette that looks like a hat box. It comes with a brush.

I think there is a mix up. If you go to the website and look at each kit description you can see that the warm eyes kit definitely has warm shadow colors. If you look at the smoky eyes kit, it’s a little more muddled. The colors seem to be somewhat smoky but also cool toned. Now on to the neutral eyes kit. This one definitely is not neutral. Neutral to me brings up thoughts of light browns and medium pinks. The colors here are cool toned greens and cool browns.


The actual shadows are: Blonde Mink (Lustre), Magical Mist (Lustre), Brun (Satin), Enviable (Veluxe Pearl), and Smut (Velvet). Blonde Mink is an extremely light shimmery gray. Magical Mist is a glittery gray shimmer. Brun is the real only neutral tone, being a medium brown. Enviable is a beautiful, shimmery olive green. Smut is a cool dark brown.

Blonde Mink has no pigment at all. If you look above at the swatches, it doesn’t even show up! I tried to use it under the brow and it didn’t show up also. Magical Mist was somewhat better, being a glittery lustre. I ended up using it on under the brow instead. Brun I used in the crease and it had good pigmentation and is fairly smooth going on. My favorite color in the whole kit is Enviable, used on the lid. It goes on smoothly and has great pigmentation. Smut, used in the outer corner of the lid and under the eye, usually has more oomph than this. In this kit is seems lighter than usual. It goes on smoothly too. None of the colors had any fallout. Below are some photos with the shadows.


I am sad to say that I really don’t think this is a neutral kit, but more of a smoky shadow kit, don’t you? My eyes look pretty smoky in the photos. I consider neutral a lighter eye look. I also don’t think this kit is worth $39.50. I am not sure how the other kits are, but I am saying this is a no buy. That is unless you are a MAC collector and need it for your collection!

Pigmentation of shadows: **

Shadow Fallout: *****

Smoothness/Softness of shadows: ***

Worth the money: **



  1. I loved the packaging of this so much! But after reading a couple of reviews it turned out that people really didn't like this because the pigmentation was so bad. It's kind of a let down for me, I wish they'd just release their most popular colors in such cute packaging! x


  2. I am in agreement with you on this! They seem to have lost their way recently. A lot of what comes out is old hat or sad to say, not good quality. This is why other companies like Illamasqua and Inglot are gaining ground. They have good quality and good service!

  3. The packaging is gorgeous and the colors look beautiful on you, but I would agree that they don't seem neutral (and $39.50 seems high). MAC always has such beautiful holiday packaging...I can see why people collect it!


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