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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Review: SEPHORA+Pantone Universe Precious Foil Lipstick Palette


During the SEPHORA Friends and Family sale I picked up a few of the Pantone Universe items, many of which are lipgloss and lipsticks. I am very attracted to these items, like a moth to a flame! I guess it is because they are so colorful. Today I will be reviewing the lipstick palette.


Housed in a sleek case are six shimmering metallic lipstick colors. Starting from the top left we have: Rose Cloud (metallic pink), Canyon Clay (metallic rose brown), Russet (metallic bronze), Cameo Brown (metallic light silver brown ), Rapture Rose (shimmery bright rose), Tomato Puree (shimmery red). The palette also comes with a dual ended small lipstick brush, that is actually not too bad for use. The lighter colors didn’t swatch very well, as I wouldn’t expect them too. Usually lighter shimmers have less pigments and are more sheer. However, when you put them on they do look okay on the lip. I always use my lighter colors over a lipliner to get better coverage.


In this 1st photo I am wearing Cameo Brown over a light brown lipliner (Cover Girl Sublime). In the 2nd one I am wearing Canyon Clay. Both have pretty good pigmentation. They definitely look metallic, more than shimmery. The lipsticks are not dry at all, another plus. I wore Cameo Brown all morning and then ate. It came off while eating. That is to be expected. Only matte lipsticks wear well when eating. This palette is very nice and I like it a lot. I am only giving it 3 stars for being Worth The Money because it costs $25.00. I think that is a little bit much. Each lipstick does come out to $4.16 with that price. However the price point all together is better at $20.00. The SEPHORA+Pantone Universe Precious Foil Lipstick Palette is available on www.sephora.com and in SEPHORA stores.

Pigmentation: ****

Staying Power: ****

Creaminess: ****

Worth The Money: ***



  1. Wow looks like a good product to me!
    We don't have a sephora where i live but i'd love to visit one ! :)
    great review! x


  2. Thank you! It's a little expensive if you ask me, but even the lightest colors have good pigmentation. I love anything metallic or shimmery. I'm like a magpie! :)

  3. Lovely shades. I have never tried them


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