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Friday, November 9, 2012

Review: Revlon Photoready Primer+Shadow

I have long been a fan of drugstore cosmetics, after all I started off my obsession with the great brands like Revlon, L’Oreal and Maybelline. Over the years these brands have had their ups and downs, with sub-par products and ideas that just don’t make it. Plus their prices are climbing so fast that they are almost costing as much the higher end brands. I feel that if they are going to cost this much then they need to have great quality. I don’t want to spend this kind of money for junk!
I saw that Revlon had a display of some new eyeshadows. These have a primer included, which is nice. The shadows also have a numbering system included so that you can see which shadow goes in a certain spot. (Seriously, who doesn’t know this? There are a few out there I guess.) It also has a small pot of sparkle top coat. I purchased two of them, Pop Art (olive greens) and Bohemian (turquoise, peach and brown). For this review I will be discussing Pop Art.
The colors in the Pop Art palette are olive green based, there is a shimmery white primer, shimmery olive-blue lid tone, shimmery dark olive brown crease tone, shimmery cream under brow tone and a very shimmery green sparkle top coat. I applied the colors as numbered. The primer went on very nicely. The other shadows also had great pigment with little to no fallout, except for the sparkle top coat. I tried to use that in the middle of my lid and it added nothing. It also had a lot of fallout! I did notice that after a few hours there is some minor creasing to the lid. That is not good news.
These photographs show the eyeshadows first thing in the morning, 7:00 am. They have good pigmentation, no fallout, etc. In my opinion everything looks pretty good.
Here you have my eyes at 10 am. There is already some fading and creasing. As you can see, this is not good! In my opinion that is not a good thing and makes these not worth the money at all. They don’t even make it through three hours without creasing and fading!!!!!
These are available at RiteAid for $8.95. But, I am not recommending them. Save your money for a Revlon lipstick instead.

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