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Monday, December 17, 2012

Review: Santalia Daily Cleanser

A new line out of Australia promises relief from acne with natural sandalwood as the solution. Acne is often a stubborn problem for women and men from the teens all the way up to the 50’s! As we get older, acne scars become more prominent and leave marks that don’t go away.
Santalia has developed a line of skincare that works for the most sensitive of skins, with organic sandalwood as the base. Sandalwood is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. There is also lemon myrtle, another anti-bacterial. Kakadu Plum, considered the richest source of Vitamin C, critical for healthy skin. Extract of zinc, to reduce bacteria and extract of laminaria digitata, an extract of seaweed to balance skin.
There are four main products in the line. The daily cleanser, which I will discuss in length, the refining mask, daily balancing serum and intensive spot treatment.  Also, there is the Acne Treatment Kit.
The Daily Cleanser is a foaming cleanser. It comes in a pump bottle (5 oz.), it has .52% salicylic acid in addition to the ingredients above. The cleanser does have a light grapefruit and tangerine oil scent that is very pleasant. It can be used morning or night. I did find that it is strong enough to remove makeup (not to be used around the eye area). The nice thing about the cleanser is that it leaves skin feeling soft afterwards, not squeaky and dry. I also like that it has a low level of salicylic acid combined with the sandalwood oil. Both are anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Yes, they aren’t left on the skin for a very long time but it has been shown that cleansers with acids or oils can facilitate the process for serums to start working. This is a nice cleanser that I think will work well for many people. I found that for me it did get rid of some dead skin that I had on my face. $20.00
Also in the line is a Refining Mask, made with natural minerals and sandalwood extracts to remove excess oil and help calm the skin. The sandalwood heals, calms swelling and redness to make the skin clear and smooth. $28.00
The Daily Balancing Serum is a light formula that will counteract sebum production and prevent blemishes. Good for oily skin, it leaves skin clear and balanced. $38.00
Intensive Spot Treatment is a neutralizing formula that calms breakouts before they emerge. It is a clear gel the calms inflamed skin and controls bacteria, has an aroma of sandalwood. $25.00
The Acne Treatment Kit is a clinically proven treatment for oily, blemish prone skin. It treats all key factors of acne such as abnormal keratinization, excessive sebum, comedones, lesions and bacterial production. It has the cleanser, mask serum and spot treatment, just in smaller sizes. $80.00
Dr. Ronald Moy, a renowned dermatologist, conducted a clinical trial with the Santalia products and found that when administered to adolescents and adults with mild to moderate acne for up to 8 weeks:
    • In 1 week 75% of the participants said their skin looked and felt better
    • In 8 weeks 89.4% of the participants attested to significantly improved skin
The Acne Treatment Kit will be available in January 2013 at www.santaliashop.com. The rest of the line is available now. I think Santalia will become a popular line, it isn’t harsh like some of the other lines. This is good for mild to moderate acne and especially for those with sensitive skin. 

(This product was sent for consideration)

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