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Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Holiday VoxBox From Influenster!


If you have never been on www.influenster.com, you need to get over there now. This site is similar to Klout but way better! On Influenster, you fill out tasks and earn “badges”. You can write reviews of products, such as beauty products like I like to do. Sometimes they send you VoxBoxes, like the one I am going to discuss today. These are completely free and all you need to do after earning one is to fill out a mandatory survey. However, to keep earning the VoxBoxes, it is suggested that you keep filling out badges, surveys, etc. on the site.

The VoxBox I am going to discuss today is the Holiday VoxBox. This one has several items from different manufacturers that are so interesting for the consumer to try. When I opened it I was so excited because I had actually never tried any of these items before.


The first item is a certificate for $25 off a purchase off shoes from Sole Society (www.solesociety.com). This site has a number of different types of shoes, boots, booties, pumps and flats. They even have my size, which is 11!


Natural Energy Eboost is a blend of vitamin and minerals, green tea and green coffee that gives you extra energy. This packet is pink lemonade flavored. All you need to do is add water. It is sugar free, has stevia extract for flavor.


Quaker Real Medleys was a surprise. Now, this was the one I was really excited to try. I adore oatmeal and this looked so yummy. A cherry pistachio blend, how could you go wrong? You can’t! So good!!!! Now I have to go and buy this at the supermarket. Definitely a good way to try new things.


The Goody QuickStyle is was another thing I had wanted to try. Supposedly this brush helps your hair dry 30% faster. I have thick hair and it did help my hair dry faster. I am happy to have this now. Definitely a good buy if you want to try it!


Yay a beauty product! This is NYC’s Liquid Lipshine in Nude York City. A great nude lip color for just about any skin tone, except very dark skin tones.


Finally, Kiss Nail Dress. I don’t put polish on my fingernails. It says you can put these on you toe nails. I am going to have to try that and see. I am going to save these for New Year’s Eve. They are party nails, black with gold swirls. So beautiful.

I am in love with the VoxBox! I am also addicted to the Infuenster website. There is always something there for me to do, like a review or answer questions. Go there and take a look around. You may never leave!


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