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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Look With Nars and a little bit of Bite…


Recently I acquired a few new Nars items that I had been wanting for a while. They are the Pleasures of Paris palette, the American Dream palette and Gaiety blush. I also wanted to try some of the Bite lipsticks. For this look I tried Retsina (What a funny name since I am married to a Greek! Retsina is a Greek wine.). The two palettes are not on the Nars website right now but Gaiety is still there. You should be able to find the palettes on eBay.


Pleasures of Paris has the following shadows in it: Nepal (reddish copper shimmer), Violetta (matte mauve taupe), Demon Lover (matte deep eggplant), Fez (deep bronze shimmer), Abyssinia (light cream shimmer) and Cordura (black with gold shimmer).

American Dream has the following shadows, which are more glittery than just plain shimmery: Bellissima (cream with gold shimmer), Alhambra (gold shimmer), Silk Road (pink/peach shimmer), Galapagos (deep chocolate shimmer), Bali (matte brown) and Tzarine (blue with gold shimmer).

Gaiety blush is a beautiful bright matte blue pink. Retsina lipstick from Bite is a creamy matte pink nude.



Here is a look I did with eye shadows from both palettes, Gaiety blush and Retsina lipstick. I took Fez (Paris) and used it in the crease, then used Galapagos (Dream) in the outer corner of the eye and under the eye. On the lid I took Nepal (Paris) and blended it all over the lid. Under the brow I took Abyssinia (Paris) and blended it with Fez. Then I added Nars’ Eyeliner Stylo in Nuku Hiva and blended it on the upper lid right close to the lash line. It has a felt tip and is easy to blend. On my cheeks is Gaiety of course. I made sure to add a lot of blush to counteract the bronze and copper on my eyes. Then on my lips I took the nude pink Retsina and blended it over my new favorite: elf’s Lip Definer & Shaper with Cover Girl’s Sublime lip liner. It looks like I have some fullness to my lips but in reality I don’t! It’s all makeup!!!



Gaiety blush is still on the Nars website, www.narscosmetics.com and is $28.00. Bite lipsticks are $24.00 and are available from www.sephora.com. I found the American Dream palette on ebay, but they are a little high. The same with the Pleasures of Paris.

I really like the Pleasures of Paris better. The shadows are creamier, softer and go on better. The shadows in the American Dream palette are kind of dry and hard. I think that is because of the micro-glitter in them. I adore the Gaiety blush so much that I think it is my new favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The Bite lipsticks are pretty creamy too. Very nice and they stay on a long time. A great new find. I hope you like this look, I would like to hear some comments.



  1. Wow, the lipstick is great! Such a pretty color! I'm Greek, so I have to agree it has a funny name :p
    I'm inviting you to join my international giveaway!

  2. The NARS palettes have really pretty colors. That lipstick is gorgeous :)I love it when you do swatches :)


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