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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Review: Solid Perfumes from The Soap and Paper Factory


I received a box the other day, in it were these lovely little solid perfumes from The Soap and Paper Factory. They looked very beautiful. I was thinking though that oh my, I am going to have a migraine. I have trouble with fragrances. I can usually only wear Citrus based ones.


However, when I opened up and tried the lovely Gardenia perfume, I was immediately struck with a heady note of the beautiful flower after which this fragrance is named. Oh my goodness! I could not imagine ever not having this fragrance. It is light but powerful in nature. The Gardenia flower itself grows in a wet climate, it is lush, beautiful and white. The fragrance itself gives off some of the strongest oils that you can only compare with it with Jasmine. The solid perfume can be applied to pulse points, such as wrists and behind the knees. Or, they mention it can be used as a pomade. Just a little bit applied to the hair will make it  lush and shiny.

$18.00 http://www.soapandpaperfactory.com/product/109/


The Patch NYC Solid Fragrances were designed by Don Carney and John Ross, the owners of Patch NYC. Their store is a mixture of their milliner skills, designs for scarves, pillows and jewelry. The Patch NYC collection with The Soap and Paper Factory evokes kind of a late 19th century twist on the outside of the packaging while keeping the fragrances soft and duly wearable.

Ship is a blend of cedar wood, vetiver and geranium. It is “multi-layered and deep as the sea a scent infused with the spirit of discovery”. I find it reminiscent of a soapy clean scent. Not necessarily manly but not overly feminine either.

$22.00 http://www.soapandpaperfactory.com/product/168/

The Soap and Paper Factory sells an enormous array of products: candles (many different types of candles to be exact), hand cream, solid fragrances, soaps and eau de parfum. Their items are all handmade. The oils they use in their products are organic if possible. They use recycled packaging and papers to hold their products. Everything they use is the best for you.

(These products were sent for consideration, my opinions are honest)

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