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Monday, January 14, 2013

Review: mally beauty blush


I have been reviewing a few mally beauty products lately and I have been pretty happy with them. I have to tell you something though. This product, Plum Diva (warm plum tone) is the one I like the most. Yes, it looks like a plain blush. But when it is on the cheeks it looks like a gorgeous blend of a bronzer and blush at the same time. Hard to believe right?


The color is reminiscent of benefit’s Dallas only there is not as much brown in it. This is only one of many of her 10 regular Color Collections One Kit Blush shades ($18.00, www.qvc.com). One thing that I liked is the blush is not too soft, so the product doesn’t have any fallout. When using a regular blush or a fiber optic brush, it goes on quite easily.


You can see from the photographs above that the blush is flattering on my skin tone. I am pretty fair and I thought when I first saw it that it would not be, but it turned out to be a great color on my skin. I can imagine it would work well on many skin tones. I would like to check out more of her blushes. Mally Roncal was just on QVC the other day and she had a slew of products. I was checking them out. Did anyone else get to check it out and get anything? Are there any mally beauty fans out there? Let me know!

(This product was sent for consideration but my opinion is honest)



  1. This is a lovely shade of pink! Lovely.

    1. Thanks! It doesn't really go on plum at all. A wonderful surprise.


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