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Monday, February 25, 2013

Celebrity Eyebrow Stylist Joey Healy's Red Carpet Brow Hits & Misses

R   E   D      C   A   R   P   E   T       O   S   C   A   R      B   E   A   U   T   Y


Tonight, A-list actresses glammed up the Oscars red carpet. Not only were their designer dresses the talk of the evening, but the stand out trend was beautiful brows. While some made the mark, others missed the cut. Celebrity brow stylist and Brow Police Joey Healy selects the hits and misses and reveals how to get these gorgeous looks.


annehathawayy2ANNE HATHAWAY

I dreamed a dream of perfect eyebrows! The Les Miserables starlet dazzled the red carpet with bold, brunette brows which worked perfectly to balance her short pixie cut.  I would have loved to see her sweep those bangs aside even more, to really showcase her flawless, bold brows.

brows browgel

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Adele’s brows definitely made the Skyfall (in a good way)! Her brow color perfectly complimented her sandy blonde locks and her beauty look is all about the eyes.  I love this soft, yet finished brow to complete her look, it says "glamour" all the way.


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charlizetheronCHARLIZE THERON

With Charlize Theron’s newly cropped coif, there was no hiding those brows. She set her own trend for the evening, stepping away from thick, bushy brows, and went for a streamlined, elegant arch that work flawlessly with her bone structure. The ashy, taupe tone of her brows, really brings out the emerald green in her eyes.


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kerrywashingtonKERRY WASHINGTON

Kerry Washington wowed the crowd with her luscious, thick brows. This Django Unchained actress looks like she just stepped off the New York Fashion Week runway. For someone with a prominent mouth, high cheek bones and large eyes, her brows harmoniously balanced the rest of her features. Her eyebrows play into her youthful appearance and enhance her fresh-faced look.


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jessicachastain3JESSICA CHASTAIN

Jessica Chastain’s role in Zero Dark Thirty was all about the search, yet the search is still on for her eyebrows. To balance out her bold lip color, she needed a bold brow to keep her face in high/low proportion. She missed the mark on achieving a polished brow look and should have opted for a soft cinnamon powder.

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jenniferlawrence3JENNIFER browpowder1LAWRENCE

Oscar golden girl Jennifer Lawrence looked like Hollywood royalty, although her brows were not the stars of her beauty look. While her Oscar nominated role was bold and daring, her brows did not follow the Playbook. Whisper light and thin, her eyebrows are not up to my standards of perfection.


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jennifergarnerJENNIFER GARNER

Jennifer Garner showed support for hubby Ben Affleck on the red carpet, but her brows did not glam up her look. Jennifer’s eyebrows would benefit from being darker, especially with her light, airy makeup. Her shape is on-point, but the resulting brow looks patchy and sparse.


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amandaseyfriedAMANDA SEYFRIED

Amanda Seyfried’s brows are so Miserables. The awkward, brassy tone is too light and looks disjointed from her hair color. A triumphant start to her shape sadly fizzles to an underwhelming tail. Her beauty look was simply not red carpet worthy.


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About Joey Healy: A triple threat in the beauty industry, Joey Healy is a prominent eyebrow stylist, professional makeup artist and licensed esthetician. With his skill and unique approach for creating the ideal arch, Joey launched his mobile eyebrow styling division in late 2009, The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection in 2011 and The Joey Healy Eyebrow Studio in December, 2012. The result, a chic way for men and women to tame and maintain exquisite eyebrows. Utilizing his talents, Joey has become a favorite among celebrities and companies including Kyra Sedgwick, Aviva Drescher, Jill Zarin and Carole Radziwill of The Real Housewives of New York, Andy Cohen of Watch What Happens Live, Sean Young of Blade Runner, the New York City Ballet, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bravo!, Neiman Marcus, Dress for Success, MTV and many more.

For more information on Joey Healy or The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection visit www.joeyhealy.com.

Images available via Wire Image

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  1. I just love this post..you're totally a make-up nerd! You know all the glitz and bronzes. I like Anne, Charlize, and Jen Law's look at the Oscars.
    I have my top 5 best dressed on my blog now, hope you'll check it and let me know if you agree...



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