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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I Am THE Makeup Junkie’s Look No. 1 With MAC Archie Girls Items


At first I was hesitant to get the MAC Archie Girls items. I never read those comics when I was little. I was strictly a Wonder Woman, Spiderman and Batman girl (yes, I read comic books when I was a young girl). However, when I took a look at the items online I changed my mind. They looked pretty good. Worthy of my attention. Darn. I didn’t all of it, just the things that jumped out at me. Today I am going to show you the first in a series of looks with the Archie Girls items.


For this look I used the Caramel Sundae eye shadow x4 ($44.00), Lucky in Love pigment ($23.00), Cream Soda blush ($22.00) and Girl Next Door lipstick (16.50). The Caramel Sundae eye shadow x4 eye shadows are: Cheryl Chic (frost, light pink), Dreammaker (f, light yellow), Caramel Sundae (s, taupe) and Showstopper (m, chocolate brown). Lucky in Love pigment is a very shimmery light clover green. Cream Soda blush is a satin finish light peach. Girl next door lipstick is a lustre finish Barbie doll light pink.



I am extremely happy with the look I did today. Mainly I am happy with the Lucky in Love pigment, which really gave the look a nice pop of color. To achieve the look I took Caramel Sundae and used it judisciously in the crease, making sure it plainly seen. Then I took Showstopper and used it in the outer corner of the lid and underneath the lid, lining the bottom lid. I then used Lucky in Love pigment all over the lid and up into the crease. I used a ton of it. There was some fallout, but not as much as I expected. Normally MAC pigments have a ton of fallout. I then lined the bottom lid with it. Cheryl Chic was used under the brow and blended just a little into Caramel Sundae. MAC’s Smoky Heir (dark smoky purple) Superslick Liquid Liner was used to line the upper lid. I used In Extreme Dimension Lash from MAC mascara on my lashes.

I really used the Cream Soda blush on my cheeks, making them pop some. I lined my lips with a light nude lipcolor (not MAC) and then used the light pink Girl Next Door lipstick. This color really seals the look as a spring look. It would also look great with any nude color, or any pink and coral color.



As you can see from the swatches above, all of the items I used have pretty good pigmentation. Even the lightest eye shadows showed up okay on my arms. I am happy that the pigment didn’t have a lot of fallout on to my face as I was applying it. And It blended well onto my eyes, it was smooth and really made the look I was going for. So far I am happy with these items and I cannot wait to try the other Archie Girls items that I have. Tomorrow I will be trying the other eye shadow quad, pigments and lipglosses or lipsticks. Yay! So excited!!!!




  1. I want those products so bad! I think the lipsticks are amazing! x



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