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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Review: Mane Teeze

Mane Teeze by T&M Hair Perfume is the newest innovation in hair styling. When I first received it I thought, okay, this is just a gimmick. Hair perfume? You have got to be kidding. But I was wrong.

If you look around the hair styling aisles today you will notice that many brands have come out with powders that refresh your hair so that you can go another day without having to wash it. Mane Teeze does the same thing. It refreshes the hair and extends the life of a blow dry with just a few spritzes. Why is it better? Because it is not a powder! What I don’t like about the the powders is that they make the hair feel kind of flat and heavy after application. Mane Teeze kind of lifts the hair up, adding some volume and fragrance all at the same time. The scent isn’t too heavy and slowly mellows into a soft fragrance that smells uplifting rather than too cheesy. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now, specifically the Black Widow fragrance. I applied Mane Teeze and decided to wear my hair a little messy today. I would much rather wear this over hair powders any day! Late in the morning and I can still smell the scent that I applied first thing in the morning. This is a definite plus in the styling regimen. Sometimes I cannot wash my hair every day due to back problems so I need something like this to keep my hair fresh. I don’t find the scent too strong, the amber can be overpowering sometimes but it dissipates and becomes a softer version of itself that lasts in my hair for hours.

Mane Teeze contains a higher concentrate than average perfumes but it is more gentle for use on hair. The scent is noticeable for around 12 hours. One only needs a few spritzes and it doesn’t leave a greasy consistency, which is the key benefit over hair powders. The fragrance can even mask cigarette smoke.
Mane Teeze comes in three scents:
    • Black Widow-a foggy, luxurious, enchanting scent filled with undertones of dark amber
    • Haut Mess-a luscious mix of chocolate, caramel and dessert like scents that engulf the hair.
    • Social Butterfly-sweet, soft vanilla infused luxury that matches a busy, bubbly life.
It is available at various select boutiques in the US and Canada, such as Blow Dry and online at www.maneteeze.com and sells for $35.00/50 ml. The only thing that is holding me back is the price. Fifty milliliters is 1.69 oz., it’s not a large bottle.This product was developed by two strong, independent women, Tara McIntyre and Melanie Groom, who own salons in Toronto and then expanded into San Francisco. They felt there was a need for a product like this in the hair styling category, they launched it and it sold out within 6 months! Definitely something to be proud of in this market!

(The item above was sent for consideration)


  1. What a great idea! Maybe they will come out with a version for people who can't use fragrances?


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