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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I Am THE Makeup Junkie’s Look No.2 With MAC Archie Girls Collection



I had a heck of a time today doing my eyes with these colors. I used the Spoiled Rich x4 eye shadow quad Cheers My Dear pigment and Magic Spells Pigment. Let me tell you, I had to do my eyes three times before I settled on something that looked somewhat presentable in front of the camera. And I am still not happy with how they turned out! I just ran out of time and thought, “Well, it will have to do because I have other things I have to do today and my makeup is not the most important of them.” Yeah, I know. I can’t believe I said that either!


Okay, I used the following products today: Spoiled Rich x4 eye shadow quad ($44.00), Cheers My Dear pigment ($23.00), Wholesome Fluidline (charcoal), Extreme Dimension Lash mascara, Prom Princess satin blush ($22.00) and Oh, Oh, Oh lustre lipstick ($16.50). Spoiled Rich x4 has the following eye shadows: Pin Up Purple (F, iridescent pink-purple), Spoiled Rich (F, medium shimmery bright purple), Ron Ron Run (S, shimmery navy blue) and Gravel (M, dark cement gray).Cheers My Dear is a beautiful lilac pink shimmer. And Magic Spells is a beautiful black with green glittery shimmer throughout. Prom Princess blush is a wow bright fuchsia pink. Oh, Oh, Oh lipstick is a nice coppery shimmer.


Personally I think that Pin Up Purple could be a dupe of Stars and Rockets except it isn’t pigmented enough. I have to say that all of these shadow are not very pigmented, they are all sheer. If you look at the swatches you can see they even look sheer on my arm. I am extremely disappointed! I was hoping for some beautiful purples and when I put them on my eyes they looked awful. That is part of the reason why I had so much trouble this morning with my eye makeup. Another thing about these eye shadows is that they are not soft and they the brushes tug when you try to get product from the pan. That generally means they are cheap. The Caramel Sundae x4 quad shadows were of much better quality. The shadows are hard too, just getting a swatch was difficult. There is also a lot of fallout when you put brush to them. These are just all around disappointing eye shadows.

It was difficult finding a look that worked when the shadows were so sheer on. The pigments on the other hand are great. Cheers my Dear and Magic Spells are as very pigmented as was Lucky in Love was. The other items, the blush and lipstick are also great items. I had to be very careful with the blush, as it was too pigmented. As with all MAC lipsticks, Oh, Oh, Oh is quite beautiful. They really have the market cornered on great lipsticks!


As I mentioned, it took me three tries just to get a look that I was thinking was presentable. I took the Cheers My Dear pigment and used a sealer to wet it and have it used we all across my lid and up to just under my brow. Then I used the bright purple Spoiled Rich in the crease and just laid some in there lightly. I used Pin Up Purple under my brow. I wanted to define my eyes so I used the Wholesome Fluidline and lined the upper lid and lower lid with it. It made for a very defined and dark eye look. I used two coats of mascara, as my lashes are long but very blonde. I used a light hand with the Prom Princess blush, and used a little bit of powder to blend it out afterwards. On my lips I used Oh, Oh, Oh lipstick and found it to be a lovely color that blended in well with the light coat of light brown lipliner I used.

I was much happier with the items I used in yesterday’s look. I still have a lipstick, a pigment and two lip glasses two use. So I might try those with the Caramel Sundae x4 quad. I will find one more look to do. Definitely! If you have the Spoiled Rich x4 quad I really want to hear what you think!



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