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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Spring Look and Some Reviews!!!!!

Yes, spring is next month. However I have had these eye shadows sitting here and I wanted to do a look with them and some other products. I am going to show you the look and do kind of a mini review of the products used.


On my face I am using Physician's Formula All-in-1 Beauty Balm Powder. It supposedly has 10 benefits, including: smoothing, perfecting, oil-control, mattifying, airbrushing, concealing, line softening, protecting, pore minimizing and setting. That is a lot to do for such a small product. It is also SPF 30 to boot! The sunscreen is all natural for those of you looking for an all natural sunscreen (titanium dioxide and zinc oxide).

I purchased the Light/Medium color. I am not sure if there is a color that is lighter or not.  All I know is that when I brushed it on, it was too dark for me. A little too yellow too. If you look at my face in the photos above, you can see that it is too dark. I tried everything short of taking it off to make it lighter, however I am also testing a bronzer today! I think it will be good for me in summer but not now. I like that it has a natural sunscreen. However, the part about it being a concealing powder may be too premature. I did use it with a powder puff to conceal some areas but with a brush it did nothing. And it only comes with a tiny brush. Also, if it is going to actually make do with most of those other claims, you have to use it a lot. And I have to wait and see…This product is $13.99.


Another Physician’s Formula product I am testing is their new bronzer called Bronze Booster Deluxe Edition. I purchased the Light to Medium color. It supposedly has special “technology” that provides the best of a powder, cream and baked bronzer to provide a skin perfect finish like never before. Okay. It will give a “lit from within glow”. Ahem. Okay again. It is mistake proof. And orange free!!! You have to see it from my angle. I am so pale that any bronzer is usually very dark on me or very orange. I used it: just on the back of my cheeks, where they angle, a little bit on the sides of my nose and on the side areas of my forehead.

I found that the bronzer went on very nicely. It is light, not dark at all. In fact, I had to use it a second time to make sure I got on enough of the product so that it could be seen. Will this be another bronzer that just sits in my makeup drawer unused for ages? No! I think this is the one. I think I can get rid of all the other ones finally!!! This product is $15.99.


Over the bronzer I used tarte’s Amazonian Clay Long-Wear Blush in Flush. This color does not look like a color I would wear at all. It is a bright pink color, very cool toned. However, when people blush, they actually blush pink. And not these different shades of pink. Honest to goodness cool pink. So I took a stippling brush and used this on my cheeks. I was extremely happy with the results. The resulting color is a nice, light cool pink shade that is a close color to the shade I really blush. tarte is another company that is often underrated (like LORAC), but I have found some great items from their website that are wonderful!


Lime Crime (www.limecrimemakeup.com) is a fun line that is fairly new and “fun” line means in that they have wild colors and products. I am talking green and yellow lipstick. What I like are the eye shadow palettes. I have two of them, along with a few of the liquid eyeliners. The Fantasy palette I used is called Aquataenia (Nautilus Prime, Coral of the Story, Seahorse Discourse , Pearl-ple and Atlanteal) and they are somewhat iridescent. These palettes run $34.99 each and are vegan. The eyeliners I used for this look are $13.99 each and are Blue Silk (baby blue) and Orchidaceous (purple). I also have the Alchemy palette and the Lunar Sea (white) liner, but didn’t use them for this look.


The following were used : Nautilus Prime in the crease, Atlanteal on the lid with the Seahorse Discourse in the center of the lid to make it pop and same color under the eyes. The Pearl-ple is under the brow. I took the Orchidaceous liner and used it on the upper lid, then I took the Blue Silk liner and dotted I on the purple to give it the speckled egg effect that Illamasqua created.


At first I was hesitant to purchase one of the Maybelline Color Whisper lipsticks. I have tried the balms and they just didn’t do it for me. But, I really like the pigmentation and color of these. Also, these have great moisture in them. They do last a good long time on the lips. I have to get more of them! The color I am wearing is Bare to Be Bold in these photos, I often try nude lipsticks. I do some really strong eye looks and it is best to balance out a strong eye with a light, nude lip. The retail price varies from store to store but it is around $7.49.

Well, that is it. I did a fun look and gave some reviews all at the same time. I did this because I have a ton of stuff I want/need to review and I figured this is the easiest way to do it. If it doesn’t work, I won’t do it again. Besides, these are all products that don’t really need in depth, long reviews. Would love to hear comments and questions.




  1. I love the Color Whisper shade that you picked out, I need to look for it!!



  2. Bare to Be Bold is my FAVORITE Nude!! It's such a gorgeous color!

  3. Yes, I Iike this color a lot. So much that I am going to try some of the other colors in the series. I'm surprised at how much pigmentation they have!

  4. Gorgeousness! I lov ethe looks your created using the Lime Crime! I can't wait to get my hands on some lipsticks and Velvetines Red Velvet. Great review as always and welcome back xx

    1. Thanks JoJo. You are the sweetest, as always! I always appreciate your comments.


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