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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Review: Maybelline Spring Colors are Vibrant and Bold. Do they work on normal people?


When I saw the items that Maybelline had put out for spring, I thought, “WOW! Am I going to be able to wear these things?” I saw the model in the display wearing them and thought the makeup artist worked around getting someone with exactly the eye color and skin color that would look good for these colors. I, however, am quite pale and it is hard to pull off vibrant colors full force. I can usually pull off one but not a full face. I see these colors looking great on someone with dark skin. And I see someone with dark skin able to pull off all of them at once. Now, me I am as pale as a ghost, so am I able to pull off the eye shadow, blush and vibrant lip color? We shall see.

I found these for BOGO 50% at Rite Aid so I didn’t break the bank. The display had four eye shadow quads, all very nice and looked like they complemented the lipsticks well, I got Violet Volt. There were two blushes and one bronzer, I did get both blushers both held off on the bronzer Coral Burst and Wild Blossom. A few Master Studio Eye Drama pencil that are pretty creamy. I got one in Purple Punch. The lipsticks that were there are the new ones from the Vivid collection. So beautiful. Hard to pull off on some skin tones I think (like mine), I got Vibrant Mandarin and Shocking Coral.


Here is how I achieved this vibrant look today. I took the Violet Volt eye shadow quad and took the light periwinkle color, used it in the crease. I used the dark eggplant shade in the outer edge of my upper lid and under the eye, then used it in the crease to draw a thin line that blended out in the crease. I used the very shimmery light mint shade all over the upper lid. Under the brow I used the light cream shade. Now I used Purple Punch liner under my eyes a little just to line. On the upper lid I used a gorgeous shimmery vibrant purple that I was able to procure from the UK thanks to a great gal and blogger (THANKS!!!) from the B. line. I love this shade!!!!!!!!!!! I used a purple MAC Zoom Lash mascara I had sitting around. On my cheeks I used Wild Blossom, kind of under the cheeks, to make them seem thinner. For the big bright lips, I chose Shocking Coral rather than the mandarin shade. I think I chose wisely. It goes better with purple. Okay, so does this look work?


So, I want opinions on whether or not I pulled it off? Yes, you need to tell me if this is a look that a ghostly pale person can do. Personally, I would have done a neutral eye and then a pop of color but the cosmetic companies insist on doing the whole she-bang and they get up thinking that we can do it too. I am not buying it. If you look below, you can see that as you look at each part of the face, it looks okay on its own. Purple eyes, nice. Vibrant coral lips, nice. Even vibrant lilac cheeks, okay. But if you take all of that and put it together, it is way too much color on my face!!! Don’t get me wrong, I love these colors and I think they are beautiful, but as I said, I think on someone as myself who is melatonin challenged, it is too much (yes, I made it up). On medium and darker skin tones these colors would be more at home. In fact they would thrive and especially the lipsticks would stand out so beautifully!

I really would love to hear some comments, good or bad. Nothing about my looks in general, please keep it to the makeup. And keep it to the theme at hand: can the really pale gals wear a full face of bright makeup? Thanks! Oh, and if you have some interesting comments for Maybelline, their website is www.maybelline.com.



  1. Nice colors looks great on you!

  2. The coral lipstick is gorgeous I think your skin tone makes it so appealing too!


  3. Love this Lipstick its a beautiful colour on you x


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