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Friday, May 24, 2013

Review: Jan Marini Daily Body Protectant SPF 34


In summer everyone wants to protect their skin from the sun. We know that sun exposure is the number one cause of skin cancer and premature aging of skin. The best way to do protect and prevent is by finding a fabulous sunblock!

The key to a great sunblock is:

  • broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection.
  • oil free, matte finish
  • water resistance

Luckily the Jan Marini Daily Body Protectant SPF 34 has all of this! It also keeps the skin hydrated with hyaluronic acid. Everyday use prevents skin aging that is associated with cumulative sun exposure. I have been using this daily on my chest, arms and legs. Basically anywhere that would be exposed to the sun. It absorbed very easily and didn’t leave any sticky finish, which I am very happy about. I cannot stand sunscreens that leave me sticky! I am extremely fair and need to use sunblock everyday in sunny weather. My driving arm gets the brunt of UV rays in spring and summer. I didn’t have to reapply at all with this because it has a high SPF. And I have noticed that I am not turning redder or darker.

A couple of other Jan Marini products that you might want to check out are:

  • Jan Marini Bioglycolic Resurfacing Body Scrub ($37.00): has glycolic acid and polishing granules, it provides an aggressive approach to skin rejuvenation. Will help roughened areas, callouses and overall skin tone. With increased use you will see the most smooth skin!
  • Jan Marini Bioglycolic Hand and Body Lotion ($36.00): dramatically improves aging and damaged skin on hands and body with glycolic acid.
  • Jan Marini Bioglycolic Sunless Self-Tanner ($28.00): without dyes and a coating, this self-tanner uses an amino acid that interacts with the skin’s proteins to create a beautiful, natural looking tan. Long-lasting too! Each individual will experience a different shade in keeping with their own skin tone.

It is very important to always protect skin with an SPF daily! This is the most important skincare advice I can ever give. Slather it on from an early age. From head to toe! Even if you have darker skin, you can still develop skin cancer or develop wrinkles from sun damage. The Jan Marini Daily Body Protectant SPF 34 retails for $28.00 for a 4.0 oz. tube. Find your local retailer via www.janmarini.com.


  1. Thanks for the review and info! I definitely agree, protect your skin!! :)

  2. would love to try it but i guess its not available in India :(

    u have a nice blog <3
    following u


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