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Friday, May 24, 2013

Review: Perlier Shower and Bath Cream Kit

DSC00999I have fond memories of Perlier. The Italian manufacturer of bath and body products had one scent in particular, Honey Miel, that everyone was head over heels in love with. I could not get enough of it. So much that I even had the gigantic tub of bath and shower cream. When I went to Venice I even purchased a few of their skin care items, such as facial masks.

These days Perlier is still creating wonderful items for the bath, hand and foot care , skin DSC01017care and even hair care. Many of the ingredients that go into their products are 100% organic. For example, in the Honey Miel line, the honey is 100% Certified Italian Organic Honey. Honey is known to be very hydrating, and toning to the skin so that the it leaves skin soft, smooth and silky. It regenerates damaged skin tissue while nourishing and moisturizing skin, all while improving the tone and elasticity. The Honey Miel line of Perlier’s products combine the essential nutrients of honey and virgin beeswax, which help nourish and improve skin. The scent of the Honey Miel line is Clean Pure and Soft. Great for women, men and children. Reminds me of my adolescence, but in a good way! Makes the skin soft and scented wonderfully scented. I just cannot get enough of this!!!


For the Olive Oil line, the olive oil is also 100% Organic. It is combined with tomato lycopene for a complex that delivers an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, nourishing,soothing and protecting the skin. The olive oil is farmed from century old olive trees and no chemicals are used. Olive oil is rich in vitamins and fatty acids. It slows the loss of water through the skin, allowing it to be protected. The herbal scent (soft and clean) of the line gives a luxurious treatment for the user (similar to a spa). What I like about the olive oil line is that it is great when my skin needs some healing. The Olive Oil cream is great for dry, cracked skin.


Another of my favorite scents is the Shea Butter & Citrus. Extremely moisturizing, 100% organic shea butter is used with the fruits of the Tree of Youth (lemons, limes and oranges) to create a line that is great for very dry skin. The shea butter is extracted from the nut and then recondensed. This exclusive method allows the purest amount of shea butter to be in their product line. The final product is a very moisturizing line of products with a of soft notes of citrus that warm it up. I have been using this on my feet at night, then putting on socks. I wake up with soft feet, no problems. Shea butter is a cure all for dry skin.

DSC01016Take sweet white almond milk and white almond oil, which are richly concentrated in naturally emollients and nutrients. Great for dry skin or sensitive skins. It protects, moisturizes and softens while leaving the skin smooth and supple. Large amounts of magnesium occur naturally in almonds, which are an essential enzyme in the formation of skin proteins. As we age, our skin loses elasticity, moisture and tone. The White Almond line, made from the finest cold pressed almond oil in Sicily, is rich Vitamin  E, protein and fatty acids. These help protect the skin and infuse new elasticity into the skin. The scent of White Almonds is supposed to be similar to Marzipan, very delicate and almost sugary! This line is very good for sensitive skin.


Perlier products are currently selling on HSN (http://bit.ly/11AB0yu) or you can find them at www.perlier.com. I wish I could write a big heart here. I just love their products. And the Honey Miel brings back pleasant memories for me. LOVE! #PerlierOnHSN You can get $5 off an order by going to this link: http://bit.ly/11AB0yu.


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