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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How To Re-Imagine A Bad Brow…

I have always wanted to do a post on brows. I have the WORST brows imaginable. First, I am a natural blonde. Second, when I was younger I tweezed my brows to oblivion and they really never grew back. So now as a woman who is in her prime of life I am left with these measly, sickly looking brows. What is one to do?


(photo of my face with one brow not done and the other done, no eye makeup)

I color my hair red. The first thing would be to color them red too. But I would still have to use some sort of powder or pencil to give them depth and volume. So everyday, every morning, I experiment and draw on brows. I am not really that good at it for someone who claims to be so good with makeup. It is the bane of my existence. Yes, that is pretty petty. Sometimes, on a good day I will get a compliment on them. Yippee!

Brows frame the face. Without them you are left with a large gaping area between the eyes and the forehead. It is important to have some sort of brow thing going on and it is good if you can try to them pretty normal looking. A lot of companies have stencils to try and recreate the “perfect brow”. Those are great if you are able to hold them up and then swoosh powder on at the same time. If you cannot, then a brow pencil that is very small is good. That will let you do small strokes. Lately I prefer powder and a small tiny brush.

(photo courtesy of www.tweezerman.com)

polka dot crystal Tweezerman slant

The first step is to make sure your brows aren’t unruly. Even though I tweezed mine a lot when I was younger I still get stray hairs in the wrong areas. So I have to tweeze those all the time. I like to use Tweezerman tweezers that are slanted to get the hair in between my eyes and brows, above my brows and between my brows.DSC04931

Then I usually like to actually cut a little off the top. This requires scissors, but not regular scissors. I use cuticle scissors to trim the top of my brows so they don’t look so bushy. Cuticle scissors work great for this. They are small and have a straight edge (make sure to use the ones with the straight edge, not curved).

Then it’s time for brow powder. I have gone through so many different types of brow powder. Right now, with my hair being dark reddish auburn, I am using a reddish brown powder. The powder is good for me because it fills in where I don’t have any brow hair (which is a lot of areas) and makes my brows look full, dark and thick. I know it isn’t perfect.


I am using a couple of different ones, but I like the one from Face Stockholm in Cinnabar. The brush is from MAC, 223. It is hard to find a good brow pencil, ultimately it should be very thin so that you can get good tiny strokes to imitate the natural hairs. I like this one from Joey Healy in Suede. Sometimes I also use this brow set of powders from Crown Brush or the new Brow Box from Urban Decay. The only problem with the UD Brow Box is it isn’t for auburn or redheads at all! I also like to add a little bit of brow gel or wax to set my brows if possible, that way nothing can budge them all day!

This photograph shows how I look “put together”. Yes, I do it everyday. No, it isn’t too much trouble. I hope you have enjoyed “How To Re-Imagine A Bad Brow”. It goes to show you that makeup can fix almost anything!



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