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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Review: Smashbox Fade to Black Fall 2013 Collection

Smashbox Fade to Black Collection Fall 2013

Fall collections are home to the smoky eye and to the strong lip. This collection from Smashbox is no exception. Fade to Black Fall 2013 consists of two eye shadow palettes, two waterproof shadow liners and 2 Be Legendary lipsticks. I didn’t get all of the collection but enough of it to make a nice review. Their eye shadow palettes have often been hit or miss. The palettes are housed in a cute metallic purple container that has an ombre effect, shading to a black color. Each palette comes with a brush, but the brush is not really that good. There is also a nice mirror in the palette


Fade Out Eye Shadow Palette ($42.00)

Smashbox Fade Out Eye Shadow PaletteSmashbox Fade to Black Eye Shadow Palette_ Fade Out swatches

The Fade Out Eye Shadow Palette consists of 7 shadows that are moderately to very pigmented. These are more cool toned. The lighter shadows had issues with swatching, which is normal. The eye shadows are as follows: soft pastel pink, soft shimmery silver, soft matte gray, violet shimmer with multi-color sheen, earthy brown with shimmer, deep matte purple and black cranberry pearl. The darker colors have great pigmentation. All of them are fairly soft, but there is a little bit of fallout with these shadows. As you can see below the lighter two colors in the palette did not swatch at all really. I tried multiple times to get them on my forearm. The other shadows looked pretty good.



Fade In Eye Shadow Palette ($42.00)

Smashbox Fade In Eye Shadow PaletteSmashbox Fade to Black Eye Shadow Palette_ Fade In swatches

 The Fade In Eye Shadow Palette also has 7 eye shadows. These are a little bit more pigmented. What I like about the eye shadows in this palette is that they a little bit more neutral to warm toned. The colors are: matte warm ivory, matte flesh, shimmery taupe, matte chocolate brown, khaki golden shimmer, matte dark chocolate and black with gold pearl. I definitely like this one more than the other one. These are as soft as the ones in the other palette and also have a little bit of fallout. But I like this one more than the than the other one. It is definitely just a tad better all around.



Fade to Black Waterproof Shadow Liner ($22.00)


This is a gorgeous waterproof eye shadow liner pencil in Black Gold (gold with black undertone). This pencil also comes in Blackest Black (matte black). It is definitely waterproof. When I swatched it, it took waterproof eye makeup remover to get it off (not soap and water). The olive gold color is gorgeous for fall and it goes on smoothly with rich color. It is very creamy!



Fade to Black Be Legendary Lipstick ($20.00)


The Be Legendary lipsticks are creamy and very pigmented. I got Cognac, which is a little bit shimmery but is definitely gorgeous. It is just a little bit red but more wine colored. There is also one in Black Cherry (deep cranberry).





(above: Fade Out palette on eyes. Be Legendary lipstick in Cognac on lips)

For the look above, I am wearing the following: from the Fade Out Eye Shadow Palette I used the soft matte gray in the crease, the below that to accentuate and deepen the crease I used the earthy brown with shimmer. On the outer edge of my lids and under my eye I used matte purple and blended this with the crease. On the lid I used the soft shimmery silver. Under the brow I used the soft pastel pink. On the upper lid I lined my lids with the NYX Liquid Black Liner and for mascara I used L’Oreal’s Voluminous Million Lashes Excess in Black. I just used a little blush from MAC (Immortal Flower) to liven up my cheeks. On my lips I used the Be Legendary lipstick in Cognac (very pigmented and creamy). This look screams autumn. I love how my eyes turned out, smoky and defined. Cognac is not my best color for lips but it is okay. I did find that the lipstick tends to bleed a little. I applied liner and Lip Insurance from Too Faced and I still had this problem, which I was not happy about.





(above: Fade Out Palette on eyes, Waterproof Shadow Liner in Black Gold as liner on eyes)

This is the look I did with the Fade In Eye Shadow Palette. I like this one better, and found it to give a nice warm smoky eye. I used: matte chocolate brown in the crease, khaki golden shimmer in the outer part of the lid and under the eye. I took the matte dark chocolate and used it in the bottom of my crease to deepen it. On the lid I used the shimmery taupe and under the brow I used the matte warm ivory. On the upper lid and lower lid I lined with the Waterproof Shadow Liner in Black Gold. I really like this shadow liner, it is great. For mascara I used L’Oreal’s Voluminous Million Lashes Excess in Black. I went brownish pink on my cheeks with MAC’s Small Vanity blush. I wanted a really shimmery lip, so I lined with MUFE’s Aqua Lip 7C (medium brown) all over and used MAC’s Sunsonic frost lipstick (shimmery light golden beige). The look is good for late summer or autumn.


Overall I am pretty happy with the items from the Fade To Black collection. I think Smashbox puts out some good eye shadow palettes. I like the Fade In Eye Shadow Palette better, as the eye shadows have better pigmentation, so that one is definitely worth the money. It has more neutral to warm toned eye shadows. The eye shadows are soft and there is only a little bit of fallout. The Waterproof Shadow Liner in Black Gold is awesome. Gorgeous color, smooth and creamy and it is waterproof. Worth the money! As for the Be Legendary Lipstick in Cognac, it is very pigmented, creamy and long lasting. The color is not my favorite but I am sure many people will like it.

This collection can be purchased on the following websites: www.smashbox.com, www.sephora.com, www.ulta.com and www.beauty.com. It can also be purchased at SEPHORA and Ulta stores. Like Smashbox on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/smashbox-cosmetics; Follow them on Twitter: @Smashbox; Follow their Pinterest boards: http://pinterest.com/smashbox/; Follow them on Instagram: http://instagram.com/smashboxcosmetics# and subscribe to them on YouTube: http://instagram.com/smashboxcosmetics#.



  1. The palettes look really great!!

  2. I like your fade to black shadow eyeliner.

    Keep in touch,

  3. I love the look of the Fade In palette, and the eye liner is gorgeous! So shimmery :)

    Jess xo

    1. Thanks, I like this one a lot too. And yes, the liner is really pretty!

  4. Replies
    1. It is pretty good, it is just the lightest two shadows don't swatch well. But it is a nice palette.


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