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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Review: bellapierre Cosmetics #bellapierre

What makes bellapierre Cosmetics so special? This line of natural mineral cosmetics is the fastest growing line of mineral cosmetics in the US. They produce and manufacture their own cosmetics line, so the company can respond quickly as the cosmetic market trends emerge and change. Bellapierre Cosmetics look beautiful and natural on the skin, they are made for a variety of skin tones and there are no fillers that can cause allergic reactions.

I was able to try a good number of products from the line, so I can definitely so whether or not they are natural and beautiful. The photos below show you how nice the products look! This is a long review but read on to see how nice the products are, well worth what you get.



bellapierre Compact Mineral Foundation_Ultra

bellapierre Compact Foundation in Ultra $64.99

(lightest shade, great match for my skin)

bellapierre Compact Mineral Blush_Autumn Glow

bellapierre Mineral Compact Blush in Autumn Glow $49.99

(dark copper pink shade)

bellapierre Mineral Blush_Desert Rose

bellapierre Mineral Blush in Desert Rose $45.00

(matte warm deep pink)

bellapierre Mineral Bronzer_Peony

bellapierre Mineral Bronzer in Peony $40.00

(shimmery light pinky brown)

bellapierre eye shadow Palette Brown Eyed Girl

3 Eye Shadows Palette in Brown Eyed Girl $25.00

(Dark Rich Shimmery Brown, Rich Shimmery Warm Bronze and Warm Shimmery Champagne)

bellapierre On The Go Eye Liner Trio

On The Go Eyeliner Trio $34.99

(Midnight Blue-Blue Black; Bronze-shimmery bronze; Plum-reddish shimmery plum)

bellapierre Shimmer Powder Twilight

Shimmer Powder Twilight $14.99

(shimmery bright yellow)

bellapierre Shimmer Powder_Celebration

Shimmer Powder Celebration $14.99

(shimmery gold)

bellapierre Shimmer Powder_Desire

Shimmer Powder Desire $14.99

(shimmery golden pink)

bellapierre Shimmer Powder_Calm

Shimmer Powder Calm $14.99

(shimmery purple)

bellapierre Shimmer Powder_Starry Night

Shimmer Powder Starry Night $14.99

(shimmery midnight blue)


Compact Foundation and Mineral Bronzer_Swatches

Swatch of Compact Foundation and Mineral Bronzer. Both pretty pigmented on my arm.

Mineral Blushes_Swatches

Mineral blushes also beautifully pigmented on my arm, looking nice!

3 Eye Shadow Palette_Swatches

3 Eye Shadow Palette Swatch was easy to get swatched, colors look very nice!

On The Go Eye Liner Trio _swatches

On The Go Eye Liquid Eye Liners are my faves!

Shimmer Powder_swatches

I used the Shimmer Powders wet to go their true colors, you can see the pretty flashes of gold. pink and silver in the powers of each color.

Looks with bellapierre Cosmetics:

This look below is done with the bellapierre Cosmetics that I pictured above. I used the Compact Foundation in Ultra, then the Mineral Bronzer in Peony on my cheeks with the Mineral Blush in Desert Rose on top of that to add color. On my eyes I used the 3 Eye Shadow Palette in Brown Eyed Girl, which I really like! My eyes are blue-green and this palette brought out the blue in them. I used the bronze color in the crease, the dark brown on the outer edge of the lid and under the eye. On the main portion of the lid I used the champagne color and used it under the brow too. Then on the top lid I used the Plum color from the On The Go Eyeliner Trio to line my top lid. I like the foundation, it wore well all day long. This Mineral Bronzer is now my favorite bronzer. I like the light, shimmery nature. It is perfect for my skin tone. I think that in this look I have a nice glow. This Mineral Foundation is one of the only ones I really like as it wears well all day and doesn’t feel too powdery. I don’t really like the loose powder ones like the ones from BM.

look with bellapierre Cosmetics _1mineral bronzer in peonycloe up with brown eyed girl paletteclose up eyes with bellapierre Cosmetics_brown eyed girl palette

The second look I did I used the Shimmer Powders. These made a rainbow effect on my lids. Here is how I accomplished the look: Again I used the Compact Foundation. I took Calm and applied it in the crease, and used Starry Night on the outer edge of the lid and under the eye. Then I used Desire on my lid and Celebration over it. I took Twilight and used it under the brow. I lined the upper lid with Midnight Blue from the eyeliner trio. The pigmentation is very nice and there was little to no fallout when I applied them, which is good when you have pigments like these. They go on smoothly, have good payoff upon application and do not fade during the day. I did use a primer, which I always do, so that may affect the outcome of the pigmentation and payoff but I still think that these Shimmer Powders are very nice for the money. In this look I used the Mineral Compact Blush in Autumn Glow on my cheeks.


look with bellapierre shimmer powderseye look with bellapierre shimmer powdersopen eyes with bellapierre shimmer powdersclose up of eyes with bellapierre shimmer powders


All of the bellapierre Cosmetics have wonderful pigmentation and go on very smoothly, last all day and I do think they are at the top of the line of the mineral cosmetic spectrum. There are so many other choices in the line that I did not even get to try or mention here! You need to go and check out the website to see the whole line in action, because it really is an interesting and fun line. They have the latest trends, are a natural line and they do ship internationally! Bellapierre is also proud to be cruelty-free!

Bellapierre Cosmetics are sold on www.bellapierre.com. Like bellapierre on  Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/BellapierreCosmeticsOfficial; Follow bellapierre on Twitter: @bellapierre_USA and Follow on Instagram: http://instagram.com/bellapierreofficial#.

(These items were sent for consideration)



  1. I like the look of the eyeliners, so pigmented. Great post! I remember checking it out other day in Estonia, but then went and got Too Faced products :)

    1. The line is great for a mineral line. They are a little expensive, but worth it I think.

  2. That brown eyeshadow trio looks so pretty on you!



  3. hey you know the blusher you got both mineral and compact are they greatly pigmentated? :)

  4. I want more and more articles and blogs please post soon such informative information.orogold reviews

  5. Absolutely disappointed with this product - I spend $207.00 at a kiosk at the mall and it made my whole face turn white due to allergic reaction - when I went back to ask for a refund on it they told me they do not do such thing but gave me the phone number to their rep to which I spoke to ( Daniel) he was able to give me a 1888 number to the company however they told me that I have to get a refund from the rep due to them not getting that money directly from me, now it has been 4 days and 50 calls later and 3 voicemails and no answer - absolutely the worse customer service to start with and product dried my face up, gave me acne and it burned me so now I'm stock having to buy new makeup and 2 different products for my dry skin and my burn skin - all they could say is sorry - DO NOT BUY IT - save urself money and go with a company that truly stands behind their product and that will have clients back if it doesn't work for them - sorry is not worth $207.00

    1. When you truly believe in your product you do not have a problem refunding people because you want your customers to be happy that was a red flag for them not to refund your money when it obviously did not work for you

  6. Sorry you had such a bad experience. I did not.

  7. I spent a small fortune on this product and found myself returning to bare minerals. I found it to be far superior.

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