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Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Stuff You Need: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Anti-Aging

(photo courtesy of www.urbandecay.com)

eyeshadow primer potion_anti-agingOne of my favorite products that I have ever purchased is the Eyeshadow Primer Potion made by Urban Decay. This product is just about perfect. Loved by thousands of Urban Decay fans, it leaves eye shadow perfect all day long without creasing. Now Urban Decay took this product and made it even better. It is practically perfect! What did they do to a fabulous, timeless, classic? They made it for aging eyes!

I have discovered (like many, many women) that as I get older my eyes have thinning skin and they kind of “crepe” up like paper a little when I wear shimmery eye shadow. I will never give up my shimmery eye shadow. Never. So I was so happy to get a sample of this one time. It is now my favorite product. Ever!!!! This primer potion, when used before eye shadow, leaves eye shadow so nice that it never crepes up! And the best thing yet is that it helps to counteract the signs of aging in the eye area! In a clinical study conducted over 8 weeks: 100% of the participants had measurable improvement in fine lines, 100% had measurably brighter skin, and 97% had a measurable improvement in radiance and clarity. The formula contains optical blurring pigments that diffuse light to blur flaws, along with advanced anti-aging ingredients such as Dermaxyl that repair wrinkles, Kalpariane, which plumps, firms and hydrates wrinkles and other signs of age-related damage. The shade of the potion is similar to the original to the original Eyeshadow Primer Potion.

I use this and my eye shadow not only doesn’t crease, it doesn’t get crepe-y at all! This is so nice. I also love how they changed the packaging. Urban Decay really listens to their customers. They took a great product and made it almost unbelievably perfect! I highly recommend the original if you are pretty young and don’t have any eye shadow issues, but get the Anti-Aging version if you are having crepe-y lids. It really works and I am over the moon happy. And the fact that it will help make my eyes look better is just the icing on the cake!

Eyeshadow Primer Potion Anti-Aging is $24.00 and is available where Urban Decay is sold: www.urbandecay.com, www.sephora.com, www.ulta.com, www.macys.com, SEPHORA, Ulta and Macy’s stores.



  1. i have read a lot of good reviews abt this . would love to try it.
    hope sephora india gets it soon

  2. I am definitely getting this is my sephora haul (:

  3. I've never used the anti-aging primer potion, but i am in love with the original and Sin primer potions. My eyes are slowly starting to see the ol' crows feet (at 22 years of age, i'm a little worried haha), so i might start to invest in this one. :)

    Your latest follower on Bloglovin' and GFC, Lauren x

  4. I'll need to check this new version out as I didn't like the other. The older version created false wrinkles in my eyes as it was way to thick, and caused folds too. Thanks for sharing, I'll check this one out


  5. I've never being steered from your reviews so, I will be making a purchase of this product.

  6. Wonderful comments! I hope everyone enjoys it !


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