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Monday, November 11, 2013

IMATS Toronto: Fun For The Makeup Junkie!

(image courtesy of www.imats.net)

Main-image_TOR2013This year I was able to go the IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) in Toronto. I haven’t been in a while because of my health. In fact, I have not been to an esthetics or makeup artist trade show in years because of my health problems. This show is heaven for someone like me. I am a makeup junkie to the core. So when I am in my element I am like a giddy school girl seeing One Direction in concert!

When you walk in the place is mobbed with people. Hundreds of people. There are booths of exhibitors everywhere selling makeup, brushes, some skincare, eye lashes, etc. If it has to do with makeup, then it will be there to sell. I saw things like Minked Lashes, false eye lashes made from mink hair.  I had a hard time shopping as the crowds were so thick with people, it was hard to get around with my cane!

The other big draw are the key note speakers. The trade show culled the greatest people at the top of their careers to speak about various topics currently relevant to the industry. I saw Eve Pearl, of Eve Pearl Cosmetics, who talked about award winning makeup application techniques. Then there was Kevin James Bennett, who spoke about Spring Makeup Trends that dominated the fashion shows and my favorite was Courtney Tishman of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, who discussed how we can learn to look fabulous by using Drag Queens as inspiration!  Eve Pearl was so nice. She encouraged everyone to engage and not be a wallflower! I like that she is personable and seems to really care about the craft. Kevin James Bennett was a hoot. He is so funny and a great artist. He is just a great personality and I loved his work. so beautiful! Courtney Tishman is a great artist. She is the global brand manager and lead makeup artist for OCC and her work is definitely on trend. I really wish I had been able to stay both days, since there were so many speakers I wanted to see! Plus, as an added bonus, I was able to get sneak peaks of new products will be out soon from various brands.


(Left: Even Pearl, Middle: Kevin James Bennett, Right: Courtney Tishman; images courtesy of www.imats.net)

And don’t forget the shopping! In between seminars I was walking around the booths trying not to spend all of my money. I did discover a new line that I am in love with. Naked Cosmetics is a natural mineral line that will be hot soon! They have gorgeous, highly pigmented mineral eye shadows that are TDF. I did go a little crazy for those. I had too, they were so pretty! I will be reviewing the items I purchased, so don’t worry. The lines for some of the brands were so long. The MAC line was at least 50 people deep. You know I am over MAC, so I didn’t even bother! However, MUFE (Make Up For Ever) had some great discounts, so I stocked up on some stuff I wanted. There were so many brands that I really didn’t have time to play around and look at all of them!

Here are some photos of the body paint work that was done:

mermaid gilr1showgirlbody paintanatomy man2

My absolute favorite is the anatomy man (far right), as I call it! I also love the girl with the kind of mermaid look (on left). There was so much to see in terms of body painting. It was really quite beautiful work.

It was so nice to be “home”. When I go to places like this, SEPHORA and Ulta, I feel like I am in heaven! I networked some and met some nice people. I used to love going to conferences and it was fun to be back doing this kind of stuff. This time around I was telling people I am a beauty blogger in addition to my regular titles and I didn’t get any sort of bad reactions, so I guess that I not such a bad thing. I can’t wait to go back next year!



  1. Thanks for sharing! You are so lucky that you go to go to the IMATS. My friend and I want to go to the one in New York in April but between hotel, transportation, admission, and all the money I would prob spend shopping there it was just going to be too much. I wish they had things like this closer to me like in Boston or something.

  2. Yes, I do feel lucky that I was able to go. My health cooperated finally, Next year I think I will take the Megabus, which takes you up and back for a low price. My husband and kids were killing each other all day! I would love to go to the NYC or LA one. Or even London. I was hoping to see some brands that just didn't make it.

  3. sounds like you had a great time! the one in NYC is pretty awesome, I've been a few times now xx

  4. This seems like a fun event :) thanks for sharing it with us! xo's

  5. Wow that sounds like fun! The mermaid girl hahaha. Great post, thanks for sharing :)

    Followed ya
    xoxo, Mango ❤
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