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Monday, November 11, 2013

Review: Maddyloo Hair Ornaments #Maddyloo

Maddyloo Hair Ornaments

Everywhere I go lately I notice that hair ties are in. I see them at the cash registers because these are impulse purchases for most people. I do think that if you are going to purchase hair ties, you should at least purchase ones that are of the best quality and will last a long time. Some of these are so bad that after you get them home, they break within a day or two. The Maddyloo hair ties are different. These are so much better than the other ones I have seen! My daughter (who is crazy for hair ties) was lucky enough to try out two assortments of these cute, fanciful hair tie collections. The Maddyloo hair ties were inspired by her daughter, who named the company after her daughter’s nickname. Maddyloo is one of the country’s fastest growing brands. They make jewelry, hair ties that don’t dent the hair (extremely important when you want to look your best!) and headbands.

The Maddyloo Ornament Collections come in two sizes, small and large. Each ornament comes in pre-defined color schemes that will look good on the tree or in the stocking. The small ornament comes with 7-9 hair ties. The Maddyloo Ornament Collection large size has between 9-12 hair ties.  The color schemes range from: bright neon, fluorescent, ombre, frosted glitter, rhinestone beads, and holiday motif prints.


Maddyloo Hair Ornaments_Silver LightsMaddyloo Hair Ornament_Paradise

One of the best things about the Maddyloo hair ties, besides the fact that they are packed in an easy to use “gift” package, is that these are great quality hair ties. These don’t break like the others ones do. They all do not leave dents in the hair like most other hair ties do. My daughter complains non-stop about the money she spends (or rather my money) on the cheap hair ties that break after a couple of uses. Maddyloo ties don’t break! These make great gifts for any girl that you need to get a fun, fabulous gift for!

Maddyloo Hair Ornaments Silver LightsMaddyloo Hair Ornaments Paradise

(left: Silver Lights Small Ornament; Right: Paradise Small Ornament)

Silver Light Maddyloo Hair Ornament CollectionParadise Maddyloo Hair Ornament Collection

(Left and Middle Below: My youngest daughter wearing ties from the Silver Lights Small Ornament. Right: She is wearing tie from the Paradise Small Ornament)

daughter wearing Maddyloo hair ties_1daughter wearing Maddyloo hair ties_2daughter wearing Maddyloo hair ties_3

Don’t forget about the other hair ties that you can get on the site. They offer various packs of hair ties in a multitude of colors and sizes. There are ones with glitter and metallic ones, ones with beads and even ones with rhinestones. The prices vary depending on how many ties are in each pack. I love how many colors are offered, you can have ties for each occasion if you want! My problem is going to be keeping my daughter from wanting to order everything off of the site. She really like to coordinate all of her hair ties to her outfits. Maddyloo also offers beautiful jewelry, handmade bracelets, earrings and necklaces that are so pretty!

The large hair tie ornaments are $20.00 and the small ornaments are $15.00. They are available from www.maddyloo.com. You can look here for the nearest retailer near you: http://www.maddyloo.com/maddyloos-near-you/. Like Maddyloo on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/maddyloos; Follow Maddyloo on Twitter: @maddyloos.

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