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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Review: Orogold 24K Travel Daily Essential Kit #Orogold

Orogold 24K Travel Daily Essential Kit

The secret of Orogold cosmetics is pure gold. It is said that Cleopatra used a gold mask every night to help keep her skin beautiful and that the Romans had a gold salve that was used to treat skin ailments. For hundreds of years the wealthy have used gold to keep their skin looking young and healthy. Orogold has taken gold and used it as the main ingredient in their skincare products. Gold is said to help fight fine lines, wrinkles, softens the skin and helps to firm the skin.

The Orogold 24K Travel Daily Essential Kit contains a 24K Deep Day Moisturizer Cream, 24K Deep Peeling and a 24K Cell Renewal Night Cream. Using these three products are either the perfect way to get introduced to the wonders of Orogold or the perfect products to take with you on your vacations! I tried these products for a few weeks now and I can now give a thorough review of the benefits of each product.

24K Deep Day Moisturizer Cream: This is a light moisturizer that helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It helps to restore softness, smoothness to the skin and gives radiance back to the skin. It melts on contact, so that it does not make skin feel oily and dry areas feel hydrated instantly. It contains 24K gold along with Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Green Tea. I like that it is so light and airy and that it melts into the skin, but I wish it had a sunscreen. It is good for normal, combination and drier skins. Even though it is light, oilier skins might find it a little to heavy. 0.50 oz./15 g.

24K Deep Peeling: A exfoliant that helps to remove a thin layer of skin cells to reveal smooth and youthful skin. It polishes, renews and revitalizes the skin without stripping away vital oils or irritating the skin. Formulated with 24K Gold as well as Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Green Tea. This is a nice gentle exfoliant that will work for anyone who wants to exfoliate their skin as much as every day. Apply on dry skin and then rub off. It works very well as a light exfoliant and leaves skin glowing. 0.50 fl.oz./15 ml.

24K Cell Renewal Night Cream: This cream provides deep moisture and helps to rejuvenate skin. A rich, non-greasy formula that is designed to work through the night to help skin recover from the daily “grind.  Wake up to soft, silky and more youthful looking skin. Contains 24K Gold and the anti-oxidant Vitamin E to replenish skin. This cream is great for combination, normal and drier skins. It is the “gold” standard for night creams!  It contains several anti-oxidants to fight fine lines and wrinkles. The cream really helps to soften and firm the skin. 0.50oz./15g.

I think this set is a great way to get introduced to the Orogold line. Their line is huge, with skincare needs for all types of skin issues, from fine lines and wrinkles, brightening to even sensitive skin. They have masks, serums and many different types of anti-aging products. This line is the most luxurious skincare line I have ever seen!

This set is $218.00 and is available from www.orogold.com, www.amazon.com, and www.cleopatraschoice.com. Like Orogold on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/orogoldcosmetics; Follow Orogold on Twitter: @orogoldcosmetic; and Subscribe to Orogold on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/orogoldcosmetics.

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  1. this actually sounds amazing! but the price :O


    1. Yes, it is a little steep. I have noticed that a lot of creams are on the more expensive side these days. It started with La Mer. They started a trend and now many companies feel they can get away with creams over $100 per 1 oz.

  2. Oooh the Exfoliant sounds fab but my goodness, that's expensive, especially for travel sizes!
    Great review as always Marie :)

    Jess xo

  3. Wow...this really sounds like luxurious set and a treat to have :) Great review and thanks for sharing it with us.

    Pink Frenzy

  4. Thank you so very much for providing great information. I have been impressed from this source.
    orogold cosmetics


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