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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Straight From LA-Story.com!: Celeb Fave Kami Lerner Jewelry Makes New Style Presentations Sizzle!! #KamiLerner #LA-Story

My lovely friend Stevie Wilson from LA-Story.com has sent over this piece I think you will love. I am a jewelry freak and these pieces are particularly gorgeous. Eclectic, beautiful and trendy!


Kami Lerner is a self-taught artist working in paint, metals and precious stones and design in all various platforms including online. She has learned to use art as a medium for personal interpretation into her thoughts and experiences. Her inspirations come from many different places, on many different levels, wearing many different faces, taking on many different forms. As she says on her website, www.kamiart.com

This is me...This is my life. Enjoy.

What I am featuring here is her jewelry collection. Diverse, unique, eclectic and innovative, Kami has her eye deep within the creative realm and has carved out a unique niche and acquired many celebrities friends and followers! The hardest thing to do is to decide what to buy.. it's a tough choice! Here are some unique pieces:


Double Multi Chain Wire Wrap Bracelet with Umba Sapphire (Very Rare!) $125.00



Turquoise (Round) Wire Wrap Ring--$110.00





CARN_CARNweb Carnelian Pendant on a Carnelian Wire Wrap Chain $285.00


Dyed Ruby Triple Dangle Earrings, Gold--$185.00


 Gold Filled Double Chain Bracelet $110.00


Gold Filled Overlap Ring--$86.00


 Jasper on Multi Wire Wrap Chain- $285.00


 Thai Gold Oval Earrings --$81.00


Vermiel Cross on Double Wire Wrap Chain Bracelet with Spinel $110.00

 Gold_Long_Ring_MeWEB (1)

Gold Filled Wire Wrap Ring - Full Finger--$86.00


Dark Green Chalcedony on Gold-filled Wrap Chain--$285.00


Turquoise Hoop Earrings, Gold-- $95.00

LOVE this line! There is such diversity that I only featured a small fraction of what Kami has designed. I tried to pick out a unique cross-section of what she has. There isn't a single thing on this page that isn't TDF (to die for!) https://www.facebook.com/KamiLernerJewelry www.kamiart.com


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