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Friday, December 20, 2013

Too Faced Cosmetics Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection #toofaced #chocolatebar #eyeshadows

Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection

Too Faced Chocolate Bar_closedToo Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection

So, I knew I had to try out the new spring stuff from Too Faced as soon as I saw it. This year Too Faced has come out with the cutest eye shadow palette, Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection are eye shadows made with real cocoa powder! The cocoa powder is an anti-oxidant and helps to fight free radicals and aging. Sixteen beautiful eye shadows are housed in a brown tin made out to look like a candy bar. There is also a Glamour Guide with a few looks, all pretty too! I did one of them this morning and found the look quite pretty.


Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection_swatches

 All of the eye shadows in the palette have good pigment. That is not an issue. The only issue I have is that some of them really look the same. Some of the brown shades are similar in color. It is not so bad when you have similar shades from other palettes, but when you have the same shades in the same palette, that is upsetting.

The shades are: Gilded Ganache (shimmery olive), White Chocolate (matte cream), Milk Chocolate (matte tawny brown), Black Forest Truffle (glittery cherry black), Triple Fudge (darkest black brown), Salted Caramel (matte caramel), Maripan (shimmery golden pink), Semi-Sweet (matte semi-sweet chocolate), Strawberry Bon Bon (strawberry milk), Candied Violet (shimmery violets), Amaretto (shimmery copper brown), Hazelnut (satin taupe), Crème Brulee (shimmery warm bronze), Haute Chocolate (shimmery dark chocolate ), Cherry Cordial (matte cherry chocolate) and Champagne Truffle (shimmery baby pink).


Haute Look:too faced chocolate bar look


This is the Haute Cocoa look.  Take Champagne Truffle and sweep it from crease to browbone. then blend Cherry Cordial on inner and outer corners of lid. Press Crème Brulee onto center of lid. The look says to blend a color called Haute Cocoa on to the crease. However, there is not a color called Haute Cocoa in the palette. Instead I used Haute Chocolate, and used it to line upper and lower lash line. It is a light look and is pretty warm toned.

The Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection is $49.00 and can be purchased at www.toofaced.com and will be available exclusively at www.sephora.com and SEPHORA stores.


Is it worth $49.00? That depends on if you like warm toned eye shadows and multiple shades of brown. I personally love warm tones and I have never met a brown I did not like. Brown shades work great with blue eyes. They are stunning with blues. These shades are also good for those of us who can wear very warm shades. There are just a few cool tones to counter the warmth in the palette and the picks are nice. Also, the shadows are very pigmented and soft, especially the shimmer shades. I had a little bit of fallout with a few shades but not much.



  1. Thanks for swatching these Marie! I wanted to get this but after seeing how similar some of the browns are I'm good. It makes sense they would have many browns since it is playing off a chocolate bar but they should have had more ranges and hues. I love too faced but I'm going to have to pass on this. This is why I love reading other blogger's reviews. It saves me from buying things that will disappoint but also allows me to find awesome products too!

    1. Sorry to reply so late, I went on vacation. Thank you for your honest thoughts!

  2. Thanks for the amazing swatches. I so want this palette! Looks really ideal for an everyday look and use.

    1. Thank you! Sorry I was out of the country and just saw these comments!

  3. OMG this palette looks gorgeous! Cant wait to get my hands on this loveliness :) xo's

    Pink Frenzy

    1. Laura, I know you would love it. You adore Too Faced!!!

  4. Awesome, your eye look is wonderful, really inspiring me to try out more neutrals :)


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