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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dermarollers? Do They Really Work? Let’s Find Out! #dermaroller


I was approached by a company that sells dermarollers (www.dermarollershop.com) to try out a couple of them for a while and write a review. Initially I was hesitant but I thought, I have never tried them before and honestly it will be a good experience for me because many people to use them with successful results.

Dermarollers (http://www.dermarollershop.com/blog/) are used by Estheticians, Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists to help aging skin. The dermaroller is a small device with needles on the end of it. Essentially you roll the device on the skin multiple times each session to create extremely tiny channels that help promote collagen production in the skin and can also help to improve the skin’s tone, texture, elasticity, lines and wrinkles, scarring and skin tightness. Another great thing about using a dermaroller or “skin needling” as it is called, is that it improves the penetration of skin care products so that peptides, Vitamin C and anything else used works better. An interesting thing about the use of dermarollers vs. the use of injectable collagen is that the collagen produced via “skin needling” stays for up to a year or more as opposed to that injected into the skin, which stays for only a few months. Dermarolling also has an advantage over using chemical peels. When you use a dermaroller vs. a chemical peel, the epidermis (top layer of skin), remains intact rather than sloughs off as when you use a peel. The channels that are produced in the skin close within a few hours and need to be reintroduced again, which is why a dermaroller needs to be used over and over again. Doing this helps create the repeated collagen production that is so important on the effect of the skin.

It is said that dermarolling at home is pain-free. I will say that is a lie. I must be extremely sensitive to pain, but I found it painful. I use pretty strong chemical peels and found dermarolling much more painful than using a chemical peel. To me the easiest place to use it was around the cheeks and forehead. I really had trouble on my nose. Argh!

MT Dermaroller MT5_Microneedle TherapyDRS Dermaroller System_DRS100

The way to use a dermaroller to apply your skincare products and then use the dermaroller so that the products will have their effect maximized. Each roller has special instructions on how to use it. With the dermarollers I tried, the MT Roller MT5 (photo top left) said don’t force the roller into the skin but simply use mild pressure. Then roll obliquely vertically and horizontally over skin. This roller was the easiest to use and I liked it the most. It didn’t hurt. The other one they sent for me to try, the DRS Dermaroller System DRS 100 (top photo right) has smaller needles placed closer together. This has the same instructions essentially, except adding rolling 4-5 times in each direction. This one is for more experienced dermaroller aficionados. For me, I don’t think I am at that level yet. It hurt like crazy! I prefer the other one. They do sell numbing cream if you need it. I should have asked for it!

skin before dermarollerskin after dermaroller use

(top left: before dermaroller and top right after dermaroller)

So, did I notice any results? Yes! After using the MT5 for several weeks I did notice that some minor acne scars I had on my cheek look much better! I had focused on this area because I specifically wanted to work on my scarring. Short of having a microdermabrasion machine at home, this would be a very effective way to lighten acne scarring with the use of product. I also notice that my skin’s sun damage is lighter. I worked on adding pigmentation product during this month to use with the dermaroller. Those are the issues I have with my skin and I wanted to see if anything would help them. I have been using this with philosophy’s time in a bottle, which is supposed to help turn back the clock on the skin. I do believe that the two working together have done a great job at making my skin look so much better. So I am pretty happy with the dermaroller and will continue use of the device. I am sure that using the dermarollers helped increase the efficacy of my skincare products.

The dermarollers I tried were from from www.dermarollershop.com. The Dermaroller MT series  come in a group of two for $49.00 or three for $79.00. Each roller lasts for thousands of uses. Like Dr. Roller Shop on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dermarollershop; Follow Dr. Roller Shop on Twitter: @DrDermaRoller; Connect with Dr. Roller Shop on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/adelor-llc; Follow Dr. Roller Shop on Google+: http://www.linkedin.com/company/adelor-llc; Follow Dr. Roller Shop on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/dermarollershop/ and Follow Dr. Roller Shop on Tumblr: http://dermarollerbeauty.tumblr.com/.

(These items were sent for consideration)



  1. Hi Marie. I'm really happy you enjoyed the dermarolling experience and I hope you're now officially one of the DIY dermarolling enthusiasts :)
    As for the pain factor you pointed out - I completely agree with you, the 0.5 mm dermaroller (I use it personally also for general skin rejuvenation & anti-aging) is pretty alright to use without numbing the skin. Although it may feel uncomfortable first, but then your skin kind a get's used to the needling :) With any needle length longer than 0.5 mm numbing cream will be quite good idea to be used prior the needling.

    If anyone is interested then here's one of my posts about the pain factor with dermarolling:

    1. I want to do a more in depth post about choosing sizes too. Let's talk!

  2. I've not heard of dermarollers before but they sound great! I may have to do a bit of research and look into getting one - preferably the less painful option haha!

    Jess xo

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Kaia at www.dermarollershop.com is knowledgable and very helpful!

  3. The change in your skin speaks volumes, I'm definitely impressed.. wow!

  4. Thanks for the review! I think I would love to try dermaroller - love the result on your skin!

  5. I have a roller that I bought months ago. I have yet to use it. I also purchased the numbing cream b/c I heard it was uncomfortble. Plus, I bought longer needles to use on my legs and sides. I want to work or stretch marks. My intent was to try it there and if it worked then use a shorter needle on my face. Oh, I almost forgot that I purchased a jade roller. *sigh Guess I need to get busy rolling!

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