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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Review: j.f.lazartigue Line For Color Treated Hair #colortreatedhair #jflazartigue #hair

Because I have color treated hair, I have to treat my hair like it is extremely special. Which it is! Jean-Francois Lazartigue, an international hair care specialist, opened his first salon in Paris in 1963. His first line of hair care products came out in 1976. These treatments were to help repair, protect and embellish the hair that had been damaged by oxidation, color and permanents. Color treated hair needs hair care that has special ingredients and products with certain ingredients left out. Products these days have come such a long way. First off,  the j.f. lazartigue products are sodium chloride free and paraben free. The j.f. lazartigue products are safe for all hair types. Currently the line is available in 70 countries across the world.

In 1987, j.f. lazartigue launched a complete range of unique products in the USA, unequaled in  performance with formulas that targeted the needs of all hair types. Every few years a new, excellent product came out:

  • 1987: Collagen Shampoo & Pre-Shampoo Mask with Shea Butter

  • 2001: Stymulactine 21 Spray Treatment against Hair Loss

  • .2003: Les Soins d’Exception “Haute Couture for the Hair”

  • 2006: Moisturizing Line, extreme moisture for hair & scalp for ultimate color preservation

  • 2008: Soy Milk Strengthening Line & Smoothing Straightening Line, introduction to j.f. lazartigue 100% paraben free products

  • 2009: Shea Butter Shampoo

  • 2010: Super Shine Serums to complement our Shea Butter & Soy Milk Strengthening Lines

  • 2011: Generation Kids Line, ultra Gentle Shampooing Mousse, Strawberry for girls, Green Apple for Boys

  • 2012: Propolis Shampoo gently cleanses, sooths & regulates scalps with the powers of Propolis Jelly

  • 2013: Ultra-shine Orchid-scented Shampoo, exceptional shine, silky touch & sensual orchid scent

When you go to the j.f. lazartigue website, there is a flash box that will start a questionnaire for a personalized hair prescription. I think this is important because you do not want to be using the wrong shampoo and conditioner for you hair. Hair is a fickle being and does respond to what is put on it. I have color treated hair, which makes it dry and damaged. I knew that the moisturizing line would be best for me.

Moisturizing Shampoo 6.8 fl. oz. $32.00


The Moisturizing Shampoo is ultra gentle and is specially formulated for dry, colored and damaged hair. It has ingredients such as peptides, oligosaccharides, amino acids and botanical moisturizing agents (like soapbark extract) that give it restructuring and protective properties. It really has a great effect on color treated hair, leaving the hair silky and shiny. The shampoo also gives the hair volume and body and reduces static electricity. Because of the formulation, it extends the color’s staying power and gives the hair brightness.

I found this shampoo to be very rich and full of lather in the hair. Only a small amount is needed to be applied to get a good amount of lather. The directions say to rinse and repeat, then leave the shampoo in for a few minutes so that the results are improved. I tried that and found it to work very well in getting all of my product out (I use a lot of product). So it does clean nicely. It also leaves hair feeling slightly conditioned on its own.


Moisturizing Conditioner 5.07 fl .oz. $31.00


Because I color my hair, it is left feeling extremely dry and in need of conditioner every time I wash. I also have medium to long hair that is thick, so I tend to use a lot of product. I try to alternate between this product and the Pre-Shampoo Treatment Mask to get enough conditioning treatment. The Moisturizing Conditioner is a product that moisturizes, softens, detangles and helps to reinforce the duration of hair color without weighing down the hair. Oligosaccharides and Quillaja extracts maintain hydration and peptide extracts of hazelnuts, sweet almonds and amino acids of wheat deeply restructure the hair shaft. The scales of the hair shaft are have an excellent affinity with the keratin of the hair. Hair is left extremely shiny.

Most conditioners are alike right? Not really. It all depends on what is in them. I have used many conditioners and I find that the better ones are definitely ones that you find from those who have been hair stylists, as they know what the hair needs. This conditioner is very good at softening the hair, moisturizing it and helping to keep the color in. That’s what you ask for and it’s what you get!

Pre-Shampoo Moisturizing Treatment Mask 8.4 fl. oz. $54.00


You will find that most hair masks are used after shampooing. The Pre-Shampoo Moisturizing Treatment Mask is used prior to shampooing. It is recommended for dry hair and dehydrated scalps. It repairs without weighing down and acts to smooth, nourish and treat the both the keratin and the scalp. The scalp is left hydrated and revitalized. The formula also gives color treated hair a new beginning without it down. To use it, apply to dry or slightly damp hair and massage in. Then leave on for 10-20 minutes. Then rinse and shampoo with Moisturizing Shampoo.

Wow! This is a great hair mask. If you have damage to your hair then this will soften, repair and give hair new life. It doesn’t leave hair feeling heavy either. Dry hair and scalp can really benefit from this mask! I would recommend using this once a week or every other week. As needed. Make it a spa day with your facial mask! To increase its effectiveness, use with plastic wrap over it then a towel over the head. The heat helps to increase the effectiveness of the hair mask. You can even use a hair dryer for a few minutes if you want.

I advise you to try out this line ASAP. It is definitely one of the best hair lines I have ever tried! I am looking forward to trying out some of the styling products soon. j.f.lazartigue products are available at www.jflazartigue.com. Salons and retail outlets can be found here: http://www.jflazartigue.com/us/salon. Find j.f.lazartigue on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jf.lazartigue?fref=ts; Follow j.f. lazartigue on Twitter: jflazartigueInc; Follow j.f.lazartigue on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/jflazartigue/ and Subscribe to j.f.lazartigue on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/jflazartigue and Follow j.f.lazartigue on Instagram: http://instagram.com/jflazartigue#.

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  1. These sound like fab products and I really like the packaging, but ouch that's pricey for shampoo & conditioner!!
    Great review as always, Marie, but I don't think I'll be trying these any time soon :(

    Jess xo


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