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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Review: LASplash ChubbyTwist Auto Matted Lipstick #LASpash

(photo courtesy of www.lasplashcosmetics.com)


LASplash Cosmetics, the international brand of cosmetics that caters to fun and whimsical beauty, introduces the chubbytwist auto matted lipstick. This fun, matte lipstick comes in 12 vibrant shades, glides on like butter and leaves lips incredibly moisturized. I tried rosy (deep rose) and pink orchid (bright blue pink).

The first thing I noticed about these lipsticks is that they are extremely pigmented. Another great thing about the lipsticks is that they last a very long time. The finish is matte and once on, dries down very quickly. Once it is laid down, it is stays on for a good long time. I was able to eat and still have pigmented lips left after lunch. I love how the shades are so vibrant. The pigments used for colors are incredible. As you can see below, I even tried to decrease the look a little bit and it still look very vibrant on my lips. It is surprising how moist and soft my lips felt while wearing this lipstick. I love that my lips did not get as dry as the Sahara. That is the worst thing about matte lippies and this lipstick is not like that in any way at all. It is so creamy! The “auto” in the name stands for the ability to turn up the lipstick from the bottom when you need more. I would rather have this way than a sharpener, that’s for sure! Not only is the chubbytwist auto matted lipstick a lot of fun to wear but it is something I will find myself reaching for often!


LA Splash Chubby Twist_rosy

LASplash Cosmetics chubbytwist auto matted lipstick in rosy

LA Splash Chubby Twist_Pink Orchid

LASplash Cosmetics chubbytwist auto matted lipstick in pink orchid


chubbytwist swatches_rosy and pink orchid

(left to right: pink orchid and rosy)


MY LOOK WITH chubbytwist:

look with Chubby Twist

(total face look)

Chubby twist shot _3

(on lips: I used rosy on the outside of the lips and then pink orchid on the inside, this way it didn’t look as intense)

The chubbytwist auto matted lipstick retails for $9.98 and can be purchased on www.lasplashcosmetics.com/usa or at ULTA stores. Like LASplash Cosmetics on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/LASplash-Cosmetics/97235110802?ref=hl; Follow LASplash on Twitter: @LASplashMakeup and Follow LASplash on Instagram: http://instagram.com/lasplashcosmetics#.

(Items were sent for consideration)



  1. Great review! I have Google+, Pinned, tweeted, I love these Chubby Sticks!

  2. Wow, these are so pigmented! It's great to hear you didn't find them too drying, either.
    Love the idea of wearing the two shades together :)

    Jess xo

    1. It's hard to see the colors but the one pink was so bright!

  3. Love how pigmented they are, the colours look great too


  4. The colors look great on you. I wish that my lips were as full as yours.

    1. Thank you! It's part makeup illusion! I don't see them that way.

  5. Such pretty colours! I've just gone and bought some Clinique chubby sticks.



  6. Me gusta mucho el color que tiene, queda divino.


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